CAP Recertification Options Overview for All Levels


Recertification Overview (Click here to fill our the recertification application survey)

CAP and BCAP certifications are good for 4 years after the date of certification, however coaches can renew their certification through the recertification process. USA Volleyball requires continuing education in order to maintain its Coaching Accreditation Program certifications to ensure that its accredited coaches maintain the latest knowledge about coaching volleyball. 

In order to maintain a current certification coaches must take the next level CAP/BCAP course within period of their certification or must achieve the required number of recertification module credits. The options to attain USAV recertificaiton module credits are numerous, so coaches should look over the options available and choice the option that works best for them.

CAP Recertification Credits Needed  
(Credits must be attained in the 4 year period of the coaches current certification)
CAP/BCAP Level I  4 Credits 
CAP/BCAP Level II  5 Credits
CAP Level III  6 Credits
CAP Level IV  8 Credits

Coaches are required to submit documentation along with the CAP Recertification Application 90 days prior to the coach's certification expiration date. Many coaches achieve more than the required number of number credits during their certification period, however those credits do not "roll over" to their next certification period. Courses may only be viewed and submitted one time for recertification. Once viewed and submitted for recertification credit, the same course may not be utilized for that purpose again.

Please read carefully through the requirements for all approved module credit options before making any purchase. Most recertification options require coaches to register online, attend, and participate in full to receive module credit. You may need to purchase module credits from USA Volleyball in addition to the cost of the course/clinic you attended. You can do that by clicking here

Recertification Module Credit Options:

Click the links below for more information about each option. 

  1. Online Approved Courses
  2. USAV Coaching Courses and Clinics
  3. USAV High Performance Involvement
  4. AVCA Annual Convention (American Volleyball Coaches Association)
  5. Regional IMPACT Instructor Involvement
  6. Host a CAP Course
  7. Assist a Cadre Member
Please note: this list applies to coaches who are currently certified or within 12 months of certification lapsing. If a coach's certification has lapsed for more than one year (12 months), he/she should contact the USAV Coaching Education national office via email at A lapsed certification means this coach's recertification options will likely diminish from the listings below. They may also incur a late fee or be required to retake an onsite CAP course.

Recertification Requirements: 
2016 CAP Recertification Application (submission is required)

Additional information regarding CAP accreditation:

The CAP Level I, II and III courses, and the associated accreditation requirements also changed in 2004 following a re-design of the program. These requirements reverted to the original requirement of re-certification at the same level or move up every 4 years (each "Quad"), which was the requirement prior to the year 2001.

So if re-certifying any prior CAP certification in 2004, your CAP certificate will be good until the same date in 2008. At that time you will need to re-new under the new requirements.

As of 2004, coaches will also need to pass a background check in order to be certified or re-certify their accreditation at any level. Anyone who is associated with a USAV Junior Club Team or program will undergo the background check through their USAV Region office.

Those not affiliated with a USAV Jr. club team will also need to go through the background check prior to being CAP certified or re-certified at any level (If not a USAV member, coaches will be required to pay an additional $25 processing fee).

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