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The Head Official will assign the First Referee for all matches (First and Second Referees for all Finals matches).  Teams are REQUIRED to provide an adult Referee or player Referee.  Anyone taking the assignment must be minimally certified through their region process and verified on the roster.

Team Officiating Duties

Teams are responsible for providing an officiating/work crew for matches in which they are not scheduled to play.  Those work assignments can be found in the official play schedule.  For planning purposes, be prepared to provide the following officials:

  • Second Referee
    • New for 2014: Must be a rostered adult for all 14 and younger age division matches
    • New for 2014: or can be a player (if certified) whose name is on the Official Roster for any 15 and older age division match
  • Certified Scorer (PENALTIES NOTED BELOW)
  • Scoreboard Operator
  • Libero Tracker
  • 2 Line Judges

 NOTE: A rostered adult must be present at the score table during his/her team’s officiating assignment.  If an adult is serving as the second referee, the score table requirement is considered fulfilled.

A player may be permitted to function as the Second Referee, for 15 and older age division matches, if the player can provide proof of referee certification or that the certification is verified by their Regional Volleyball Association (RVA) Commissioner.  Non-rostered personnel may be allowed to work on the officiating team provided they can provide documentation that they are registered with a region of USAV and have the appropriate certifications.

  • A team’s failure to have a complete officiating crew—including a rostered adult for that team—available and on time for an officiating assignment could result in the team having to forfeit the first game of its next match.
  • For every minute an officiating team is late to fulfill its assignment, one point will be awarded to that team’s next opponent in the first game of the next match for up to 25 points.  No more than 25 points will be awarded to the team’s next opponent, even if the team designated to officiate misses the entire match.  The time that determines how many penalty points are assessed begins at the start of the receiving team’s warm-up.
  • A team will forfeit its entire next match for failing, a second time, to have an officiating crew available on time for an officiating assignment.

Missed Officiating Penalties

  • For missed assignments during the tournament, see the three bullet points directly above, under Team Officiating Duties.
  • For a team’s last assignment, if a team leaves before completing their last work assignment, the tournament director has the right to impose the following penalties on that team and/or club as determined by the tournament director:
    • A fine to be paid to the Tournament Director equal to the cost of hiring certified officials to fill in for any work assignments not fulfilled by the assigned team
    • A ban from that team or club’s participation at that tournament for the following season (this would most likely be levied against repeat offenders)

NOTE:  It is strongly suggested to all teams that you check out with the TD before leaving the venue, after your last match of each day, to avoid any unnecessary penalties.

Missed Officiating Penalties with Regards to Three-Way Tie Breakers

Scenario 1:  After the determination of a tie breaker and all three teams are present for the first tie break.  If a team misses an officiating assignment for the match following the tie-break, then all penalties for missing an officiating assignment apply.

Scenario 2:  If one or two team(s) are missing for the tie break matches.  The team(s) that does not show up will not be penalized any further than the lost opportunity by not being present for the tie-breaker. No further penalties will be applied.