USA Volleyball All-Time Great Coach Award

Bertha H. Lucas Pioneer Division

Named in honor of Bertha H. Lucas, player-participant in 60 consecutive USA Volleyball Open National Championships, coach of many years for USA Open National Championships women's national-caliber club teams from both the Great Lakes and Southern California RVAs, and a 1995 recipient of the award.

1995: Bertha H. Lucas, Edward B. DeGroot Jr.
1996: Harry E. Wilson
1997: Val Keller
1998: Harold Petersen
1999: Dr. James E. Coleman, Dr. Dixie Grimmitt
2000: Harlan Cohen, Bill Odeneal
2004: Terry Pettit
2006: Manny Saenz, Catalino R. "Iggy" Ignacio
2007: Dr. G. Thomas Tait
2008: Teri Clemens
2010: Mary Jo Peppler
2011: Ruth Nelson
2012: Bill Neville
2013: Chuck Erbe
2014: Don Shaw
2015: Carol Dewey
2016: No selection

Donald S. Shondell Contemporary Division

Named in honor of Donald S. Shondell, the seventh President of the USVBA (1979-80), a recipient of this award and a 1996 inductee into the Volleyball Hall of Fame.

1995: Dr. Douglas P. Beal, Al Scates
1996: Marilyn McReavy Nolen, Dr. Donald S. Shondell
1997: Linda Dollar
1999: Dr. Marvin Alex Dunphy, Dr. Arie Selinger
2000: Andy Banachowski, Dr. Carl McGown
2001: Elaine Michaelis
2002: Dave Shoji
2003: Brian Gimmallaro
2004: Mick Haley
2005: John Dunning, Russ Rose
2006: Dr. Taras Liskevych, Mary Wise
2007: Fred Sturm
2008: John Cook
2009: Larry Bock, Sue Gozansky
2010: Jim McLaughlin
2011: Mike Hebert
2012: Jim Stone
2013: Hugh McCutcheon
2014: Kathy Gregory
2015: Charlie Sullivan
2016: Mark Pavlik