Level 1 License “Gateway” (non-expiring)

Primary Audience: All coaching and teaching levels, especially individuals who have had no or limited formal coaching education courses.  

Prerequisites: Applicants must be at least 18 years of age.

Course Content: The emphasis of State Level course is on “Building Your Program” through teaching the fundamental rules, skills of the game, and safety.   The course will be delivered in two parts.   In Part 1, candidates will participate in: (a) self-paced on-line course “Coaching Orientation” and (b) self-paced on-line course Sport First Aid” offered by the American Sport Education Program.   In Part 2, candidates will either participate in: (A) 5-hour on-site training, scheduled and hosted by local handball clubs and/or community-based organizations upon request, or (B) 2 required home-based activities.   On-site course will include one hour theory session and two separate 90-minutes, on-court, practical sessions.   Theory session will cover such topics as fundamental concepts of teaching skills, planning practices and USATH Code of Ethics and Legal Obligations.   Practical portion will focus on teaching the most relevant individual technical and tactical skills and selected Rules of the Game.   The course will conclude with 30-questions written test. 

Course Length: 5 hours in a half-day format for the on-site course or varying time needed to complete 2 home-based activities.  

License Requirements: For Level 1 License “Gateway” – following the course applicants must:

  • Submit a signed USATH Code of Ethics form.   To download, print the form, please follow the link:  http://usateamhandball.org/resources/coaches/coaching-education-certification-program.   Once signed, please email it as an attachment to info@usateamhandball.org.
  • Submit proof of having completed “Coaching Orientation “ and “Sport First Aid “courses offered on-line by the American Sport Education Program no later than 6 months from the time of registering for the first on-line course.
  • Submit proof of valid First Aid/CPR certification.   You can take any course from Red Cross or American Heart Association or ASEP.   The curriculum must include Adult/Child CPR and AED.   Those courses usually last 2-3 hours on-site and end with a short practical exam after which 2-years card is issued.   You will need to send copy of your card or any other document certifying completion to info@usateamhandball.org
  • Pass USATH administered Background Check.  Please follow this link to our partner agency: http://usateamhandball.org/resources/coaches/background-check.   ($25 fee applies to all candidates).   Have problems? Contact dan@usateamhandball.org.
  • Complete the following two (2) required home-based activities, if on-site course is not available in candidate’s region of residence:

      Design 60-minutes long practice session for a co-ed group of 30 kids, 9-10 years old, with no previous handball experience to introduce them to mini-handball.   At your disposal you have space big enough for one basketball court and basic equipment such as 10 handballs, 12 small floor cones, color pennies, 4 hula-hoops, 2 jump ropes, 2 fold-able gymnastic mats (4' x 8'),1 roll of white floor tape but no real mini-handball or regular goals.

      Design 90-minutes long practice session for gender specific (pick either girls or boys) group of 30 Junior High School student-athletes (12-14 years old) with 6 months of handball experience (assume that they have met once a week for last 6 months) to teach and improve jump-shot's technique and accuracy from back-court positions as well as individual and group blocking.   At your disposal you have space big enough for one basketball court and basic equipment such as 10 handballs, 12 small floor cones, color pennies, 6 low (6") hurdles, 6 jump ropes, 4 foldable gymnastic mats (4' x 8'),1 roll of white floor tape, 2 foldable soccer goals (6' x 10').

      You can send both designs via email as attachments.   With your submission, please make sure to include: diagrams (hand drawn are OK) to illustrate your drill design and set-up, time allocated for each portion of the practice and each drill, objective of each drill any other information that you think are important for you or any other coach who would like to follow your practice design. 

  • Pass USATH administered written test either during the on-site course or via electronic delivery option.   If completing the distance certification option, the test will be send to you upon request via email.

Total Cost: TBD but may vary by membership status, deadline date and course site.   Late fees may be applicable after early registration period ends.

Required Learning Resources: The following is the list of written materials /publications that the candidate is expected to be familiar with prior to attending on-site Level 1 course:

Additional resources such as Level 1 Supplemental Handouts, DVD and/or Power Presentations, etc., will be provided on-site to all course participants or send electronically to distance certification participants.

Benefits: Coaches will receive a letter of congratulations and an official USATH License Certificate; will be eligible to coach any level team(s) in all USATH sanctioned domestic events; will receive an exclusive access to a quarterly e-coach newsletter.

Re-certification: This is a non-expiring License; prerequisite for Level 2 License.