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Regional handball clubs: 

Below you will find a list of clubs with their respective contact information. Most clubs have a website so please check them out.
For additional information, please email coaches or club reps by clicking on his/her name.


Colorado State University Team Handball     Chris Hesser     Facebook  
Denver Team Handball   Attila Agoston   Website     Facebook   Twitter 
Dynamo Handball Club   Anca Stevens   Website     Facebook  
Las Vegas Scorpions Handball Club   Bernard Schneider   Website     Facebook  
Los Angeles Team Handball Club Men   Michael HinsonErich Weller     Website     Facebook   Twitter
Los Angeles Team Handball Club Women     Maggy Marro   Website     Facebook   Twitter
Oregon State University Team Handball Club     Contact   Website   Facebook  
Phoenix Team Handball Club   Peter Schubert     Facebook
Portland Team Handball Club   Brad Dow     Facebook
Sacramento Sting Team Handball Club
  Matt Rominger
San Francisco Calheat   Jean Marc JuniqueMiyuki Shimono     Website     Facebook   Twitter 
Seattle Handball Club   Todor Abramov       Facebook
U.S. Air Force Academy Handball Club   Stephen Stein     Website     Facebook  


Austin Team Handball Club   Jennie ChoiBoris Herceg     Website   Facebook   Twitter 
Dallas/FW Handball Club   Mark Yanda     Facebook     
Houston Firehawks Team Handball Club     Oscar Grisales   Website     Facebook  
Houston Stars Team Handball Club   Dede Piankova      
Houston Vikings Handball Club   Kenneth Toro Soerensen     Website   Facebook  
Texas A&M University Handball Club   Mark Telthorster     Facebook  
Texas State Team Handball Club   Marilyn Elder     Facebook  


Cary Handball Club   Ryan Peterson       
Chicago Inter Handball     Patrick Jalabert   Website     Facebook      Twitter  
Illinois State University Handball Club     Ross Miner     Facebook  
Miami University (OH) Handball Club   Michael Coutre   Website   Facebook   Twitter
Minnesota Team Handball Club   Josh Hetterick     Facebook  
Ohio State University Team Handball     Julian Orr        Twitter
Twin Cities Team Handball
  Craig Rot
University of Michigan Handball Club     Alexander Benet     Website    
Western Illinois University Handball Club     Ryan Baldwin         


Auburn University Team Handball Club   Maurice Godwin   Website   Facebook   Twitter
Carolina Blue (Alumni)   Brendan Carr    Website         Twitter  
Carolina Team Handball Club   Myles BaconWade Sutton     Website   Facebook     Twitter
Clemson University Team Handball Club   Shane Williams     Facebook  
Georgia Handball Club   Damir Hecimovic   Website   Facebook   Twitter
University of Georgia Team Handball Club   Jack GibsonJoseph Valles       Facebook   Twitter
Kennessaw State University   Trevor Sands   Website   Facebook   Twitter
Miami Handball Club (FL)     Website   Facebook  
Orlando Team Handball Club   Vanja Telebak     Facebook  
UNC Women's Team Handball Club     Diva Desai   Website     Twitter


Boston Team Handball Club   Nader Shaar   Website      Facebook    
Hartford Handball Club   Jim Sargent
New York Athletic Handball Club   Bill Harrison

New York City Team Handball Club   Bini Shkumbin
Ocean NJ Team Handball Club   Robert Michalik
Penn State University Handball Club   Robert Pellecchia
  Website   Facebook
Philadelphia Team Handball   Chris Brase
Virginia Military Institute   Molly Watkins
West Point Men's Team Handball   Harry Terzic
West Point Women's Team Handball   Christa Chewar
DC Diplomats   Bryan Cothorn
DC Silencers   Andrew Choate
U.S. Merchant Marine Academy Handball Club     Nicholas Pino      

For a visual location of all US clubs, reference the USATH interactive Google map below. 

We would like to use it as a collaborative tool so that we can connect everyone interested in playing with others or with regional clubs. You may add your name to the map by editing it. You will need to log in to Google Maps using a Google account.

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