Day 2 Women Pan American Championships

May 29, 2013, 4:49 p.m. (ET)
Day two of training in the Dominican Republic started slightly earlier for Team USA. After a nutritious breakfast, the team held a tactical meeting to discuss the day's practice goals.

One of the focus points for the day was evaluating different types of defenses the team will have in their arsenal for next week's Pan American Championships. Additionally, the team walked through a variety of "plays" or offensive sets to counter different defenses they may face throughout the tournament.

Practice in the humid Dominican gym lasted much longer than their practice on day one. The team began the training with a warm-up.In the words of Coach Javier Garcia Cuesta, "We start the attacks with discipline. We finish them with imagination." Team USA did just that as they adjusted to the different defenses and learned more about attacking and defending within these offensive sets.

With the morning practice complete, the team was able to get back to the hotel in time for lunch and some well deserved rest. WIth an upcoming video session at 5 PM, this gave the athletes just enough time to relax before heading to another tactical meeting to discuss scouting reports on upcoming opponents.

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