Game 2 Update IHF Cup

May 01, 2013, 6:17 p.m. (ET)


In a game filled with emotion, passion, and intensity, the USA U21's pulled out a 31-22 point win against a well prepared Guatemalan team, which was backed by a loud home crowd. The team was lead on offense by Javier and Abu, who were aggressive, and proved too much for the Guatemalan defense to handle. The team capitalized on its chances on offense, as well lockdown on defense.

"Every player played and contributed," said Head Coach Mika, "Every goalie and player saw the court.

Even the team's newcomers were able to make an impact. William Q scored four very important goals off the bench and Niko converted two late goals in his first game with the team.

Defensively, Lliam and Kevin played aggressively, allowing the Guatemalans little room to function. However, it was goalkeeper Moritz who made nine critical saves, who truly saw the defense through.

With the day off tomorrow, the team will rest up and reflect on today's game before looking forward to an important matchup on Thursday. A win will guarantee the team at least a bronze medal.


Javier: 14 goals
Abu: 6 goals
William: 4 goals
Connor: 3 goals
Niko: 2 goals
Ian: 1 goal
Lliam: 1 goal
Moritz: 9 critical saves