CEO Membership Update

Dec. 18, 2013, 2:45 p.m. (ET)

December 17, 2013

To the USA Team Handball Community:

Happy Holidays to you all!

The time has flown by for me since my last update.  As we head into 2014, a lot of exciting developments are happening in the USA Team Handball world.

Board of Directors 

For the first time since April, USA Team Handball has a fully constituted Board of Directors.  The two General Membership Directors, Attila Agoston and Jennie Choi, were elected by the membership this fall.  In early December, the Nomination and Governance Committee finalized the selection of three outstanding individuals to serve as Independent Directors:  Bob Djokovich, Mike McNees and Dr. Harvey Schiller.  I cannot stress enough how lucky we are to have this incredible group of people steering the strategic course of our federation.  

On December 20th, the board will conduct a conference call meeting.  The primary purpose of the call will be to introduce the new directors and to elect a President/Chair of the Board.  The bylaws provide that the President/Chair is elected by a majority vote of the board.   While this will be a short call, focusing primarily on procedural matters, I will propose to the board that future meetings be open to the public.   I hope to have two in-person board meetings per year, one of which will take place at Nationals in Reno this coming May.  I plan to hold another Town Hall meeting in Reno on Saturday evening and will invite the board members to attend and participate in that meeting.

Expect an announcement about the election of our new President/Chair early next week.  I anticipate that this announcement will gain national attention and will reveal what will be a true game changer for us going into 2014.


You may have seen the first version of the new monthly newsletter.  Look for future issues to be filled with domestic club scores and rankings, national team and residency updates, drills, youth development, player spotlights and much more!  I’d like to thank national team athlete Chris Morgan for all his hard work in putting the newsletter together.

Auburn Residency Program:

The residency program at Auburn is gaining momentum.  The people at Auburn University and in the Auburn and Opelika communities have enthusiastically embraced our athletes and coaches.  The level of support we’ve received so far has been incredible.  We will be conducting regular tryouts in Auburn in order to constantly improve the athlete pool and encourage competition to earn a place on the national teams.  

For questions about the residency program, please contact either of the national team coaches, Christian Latulippe ( or Javier Garcia Cuesta (  Look for information about the tryouts on the USA Team Handball website and in our new monthly newsletters.


As you all know, Open Nationals will be in Reno again in 2014.  The feedback I received after the event this May was positive overall and I’m confident that the event will be a success this coming year.  As we move the event to the East Coast in 2015, there is an opportunity for us to have the largest field of teams in USATH history.  

College Nationals:

Given the overwhelming support we have received from Auburn University, it is an exciting opportunity to hold College Nationals in Auburn in 2014.  With this much advance notice, every college program should be planning on competing in what will be an excellent event.

Revenue Generation:

We are in the midst of a year-end fundraising push with the goal of raising $35,000.00 by December 31st.  If we are successful, the USOC will match the $35,000.00 and contribute that amount to us as part of its Challenge Grant Program.  There will be a similar program in 2014, with a potential matching contribution of $30,000.00 to be provided by the USOC if we reach our fundraising goals.  

Donations may be mailed to USA Team Handball, 1 Olympic Plaza, Colorado Springs, CO 80909, or you can use the donation link on our website to make a tax deductible gift before the end of the year.  

As always, please feel free to contact me.  My office number is 719-866-2203, my mobile number is 607-220-3464 and my email address is  


Matt Van Houten