Club Nationals Update

April 14, 2013, 7:57 p.m. (ET)
With only College National Championships in Chapel Hill, NC, April 19-21, left to play in the regular season, men's elite division composition starts to take shape.   All collegiate teams have a chance to advance up in the standings as college championships are sanctioned, will feature 9 teams, and based on current point system, winner receives 9 points, runner-up 7 points, 3rd place finisher 6 points, and 4th place finisher 4 points, respectively.

The first five spots in the elite division have been taken by NYC THC (2012 Champ and NEL winner), WP Black (NE), DC Diplomats (NE), LATHC (West), and SF CalHeat (West).   Up to five more spots are still for grabs through wild card system and includes the following teams:
  1. NYAC, 19 points
  2. Chicago Inter, 13 points
  3. Carolina Blue, 10 points
  4. USAFA, 5 points
  5. WP Gold, 5 points
  6. Carolina, 4 points
  7. Seattle HC, 3 points
  8. Inter Yellow, 3 points
  9. Illinois State University, 1 point
  10. Kennesaw State University, 1 point
The teams have to accept the nomination to compete in the elite division.   If they decline, the team can compete in the open division and the next highest ranked team will be moved up.   

Registration for the event is open.   Please notice that, per web posted announcement, the entry fees will go up after April 16th by $200.   Clubs can register up to 4 teams at once.   There will be no on-site registration.   Players, coaches, and referees, who have not created their on-line membership accounts via AllPlayers, will not be allowed to compete.   

All participants in 2013 Club National Championships in Reno, have to make their hotel reservations through our PSA partner   We are monitoring the bookings per our "housing policy" established last year and will strictly enforce compliance this year as well.

Players should prepare to have their own stock of athletic pre-rapping and tape as our athletic trainers will have only limited supply. Finally, the championships are subject to USADA random testing. Formats for all three divisions and schedule will be developed by our competition committee comprised by reps from all 5 regions. USATH is planning to host Annual Membership Assembly on Saturday evening, May 18, with details coming your way in near future. The event will be a great occasion to recognize our 2012 Coaches of the Year.

Further, the competition will serve as an open tryout for our National Teams with coach Javier Garcia Cuesta in attendance to evaluate talent.However, players seeking formal evaluation and recommendation to the NT Pool have to their PLAYER INFO CARD to by May 10th. 

Questions, comments, and concerns can be directed to Mariusz Wartalowicz at