Men U21 Team Training Camp Roster Announced

April 01, 2013, 4:42 p.m. (ET)

The Men's National Team Selection Committee has nominated the following players for training camp in Los Angeles in preparation of the International Handball Federation (IHF) Continental Cup in Guatemala City, Guatemala. The tournament is set to take place April 27 through May 5, 2013.


  1. David Brown, Gk
  2. Julian Orr, GK
  3. Marx Moritz, GK
  4. Austen Alabata, LB
  5. Andrew Donlin, LB/CR
  6. Abu Fofana, LB
  7. Javier Galindo, RB/CB
  8. Kevin Korner, BC
  9. Nico Mukendi, BC
  10. William Quanstrom, BC
  11. Connor Holt, RW
  12. Josh McClenney, RW
  13. Ian Pinson, RW/LW
  14. Lliam Mayers, CR

Alternate List (6):

  1. Victor Davila, GK
  2. Max Bruegman, BC
  3. Alex Styborski, RW
  4. Samuel Hoddersen, LW/CB
  5. Tyler Shukert, LW/CB
  6. Jake Schafsma

Coaching and supporting staff will be announced shortly. Players should expect to receive additional information and instructions directly through email this week. Questions or concerns can be directed to Mariusz Wartalowicz at