Nominate a deserving coach for the 2012 Coach of the Year Award! Deadline for submissions is December 7th

Nov. 29, 2012, 12 a.m. (ET)
Dear Handball Friends,

Please consider nominating a deserving coach for the 2012 edition of the Coach of the Year Award sponsored by the USOC. The deadline for submissions to is December 7th. So far we have received only two applications but there are many more devoted coaches out there who should be recognized. Also, based on constructive feedback that we received about the selection process, we have decided to improve it and form a small task force (committee) to choose the winners in each respective category. It will consist of the following individuals:
  1. USATH President - Jeff Utz
  2. USATH CEO - Matt Van Houten
  3. Athlete Representative - Tomuke Ebuwei
  4. NE Regional Coach - Sonja Hansen
  5. USATH TD - Mariusz Wartalowicz
We still would love to see your support for the candidates by casting your e-vote via email to The result of the popular vote will be one of the criteria that the committee would consider in making its final decision.