Last call for AAC Representative and AAC Alternate nominations for the upcoming quad! Nominations close Wednesday, Nov. 14th (5pm MT)!

Nov. 07, 2012, 12 a.m. (ET)

Attention all athletes that participated in the 2003 and 2011 Pan Am Games! This is the last call for AAC Representative and AAC Alternate nominations for the upcoming quad. If you are interested in nominating yourself or someone else from the eligible athlete list, please do so by end of business Wednesday, Nov. 14th (5pm MT) by emailing your name, brief bio, and why you would like to be the AAC representative to  The AAC job description is posted below.

Note: the eligible athlete list is anyone that was on the 2003 and/or 2011 Pan Am Games roster 

USOC Athletes’ Advisory Council


This document is meant to be a general guide for AAC representatives in order to provide a basic understanding of the requirements and expectations of their position.  The position of AAC representative is a dynamic one and it is to be expected that there will be tasks and challenges that do not fall within the following job description.

~The AAC representative should ensure that the athletes in his/her sport know who he or she is and their contact information.  Ask the NGB to publish your contact information on the NGB website. 

~Familiarize yourself with the bylaws and written policies of your NGB. 

~Review any Code of Conduct documents, commercial terms agreements or any other athlete agreements promulgated by your NGB and provide input on behalf of the athletes.  Solicit input from the athlete pool regarding key issues. 

~Familiarize yourself with the “Ted Stevens Act” (Olympic and Amateur Sports Act), the USOC Bylaws, specifically Sections 8, 9, and 10, and the AAC Bylaws.

~Attend all scheduled AAC meetings.  There will be three meetings per year, including the Olympic Assembly.  If you cannot attend, make sure that the alternate attends. 

~Participate in your AAC Division to the best of your ability.  Make every effort to participate in all conference calls and to meet deadlines for division projects.

~Communicate with the athlete pool regarding important information, including current anti-doping developments, USOC news, athlete support issues, etc.

~Maintain regular contact with your sports partner at the USOC. 

~Review NGB selection procedures for Pan Am Games, Olympic Games, as well as other Operation Gold events.  If you have objections to the selection procedures, communicate them to the NGB.  If you are unable to resolve the objections, raise them with your sport partner at the USOC and the USOC Athlete Ombudsman. 

~Participate in the development of the High Performance Plan.  This should include meaningful involvement in the drafting of the HPP, and being personally present when the plan is presented to USOC staff.  If you have concerns or objections to the HPP, communicate them to the AAC leadership in order that they may be addressed at USOC resource allocation meetings.

~Monitor NGB compliance with Ted Stevens Act, to include 20% athlete voice and vote on all committees and the executive council.  Serve on the NGB Board of Directors (it is the strong recommendation of the AAC that all AAC representatives have a position on their NGB’s Board).

~Maintain a close connection to the athlete pool in your sport, even if you are not still competing.  Advise the athletes of their rights and the resources available to them.

~As necessary, work with individual athletes who have grievances or concerns.  Attempt to mediate such disputes using the USOC Ombudsman.

~Be up to date with anti-doping information, including but not limited to testing protocol and changes in the banned substance lists.  Advise the athlete pool regarding current developments in anti-doping and solicit input from athletes. 

~Ensure that your NGB has written procedures for the election of AAC representatives and alternates and that the procedures comply with the AAC requirements.  Ensure that the athlete pool is aware of the elections, which must take place between the Summer Olympics and the end of that calendar year.

In addition to the above mentioned points, USATH would like the athletes to have high character and integrity.  It is very important to the organization to have the “best foot forward”-that said all actions on and off the field of play define the USATH AAC representative.