Men's and Women's Junior National Team open Day 1 of the IHF Trophy Tournament

Nov. 07, 2012, 12 a.m. (ET)
Day 1 IHF Trophy Tournament

On Friday, Nov 2, the Men's and Women's Junior National Teams reported to Los Angeles in preparation for their upcoming IHF Trophy Tournament to be held in Mexico City. Both teams trained twice a day Saturday and Sunday, with the sessions including scrimmages.

The team arrived in Mexico City, after a well deserved outing to the Los Angeles Metropolitan area and touristic spots.

After their arrival, the team was received by the vice-president of the Mexican Handball Federation, who offered a warm welcome and accompanied them to the Mexican Olympic training center.

The team settled in their apartment styled rooms and went to sleep to wake up to a very productive training day.

The day started with a boy's session led by Coach Maunula and his staff. The boys looked great and they looked ready to take on their first game versus Mexico on Wednesday at 6pm.

The ladies had their own time at the gym, too. The practiced after the boys' session and worked on defense/attack drills. Coach Sainz was very satisfied with the progress shown by the team. The team was ready to open the IHF Cup on Nov. 7th with a game against Puerto Rico at 12:00pm.

Results can be seen here.

Opening ceremony was scheduled at 4:45pm, local time.