Americans Abroad- Week 6

March 28, 2012, 8:13 p.m. (ET)


Photo: Jerzy Malysz /

Boston HC secured a bid to the Elite division of the 2012 USA National Championships.

Last weekend, the North East Handball League concluded its 3rd competitive season with New York City THC edging Boston HC for the first place and West Point Black and DC Diplomats HC finishing 3rd and 4th respectively. As a result, both Boston and WP Black qualified for the men's elite division of 2012 Club Nationals in Minneapolis.
New York City THC will be returning to the 2012 USA National Championships as the reigning champion and Carolina Blue has earned a bid as the qualifier from the Southeast Region.

Pending the West Region qualifier scheduled for mid April in LA, four (4) wild cards remain up for grabs. The following is current rankings of teams based on submitted results:

  1. Chicago - 14
  2. NYAC - 14
  3. Georgia  - 9
  4. WP Gold - 8
  5. Houston Vikings - 7
  6. Carolina  - 6
  7. DC - 6
  8. CalHeat - 3
  9. Houston Firehawks - 1
  10. Seatlle - 1
  11. North Pitt - 1
  12. Air Force - 1
  13. US Merchant Marine Academy - 1
Teams participating in upcoming College Nationals such as West Point Gold, Carolina, Texas A & M, USMMA will have a chance to improve their chances for remaining wild cards.   
Registration for Club Nationals is still open. Interested teams are encouraged to sign-up early and requested to meet the deadlines in a timely manner.