Improvement seen in Fridays defeats

March 03, 2012, 12:33 p.m. (ET)
Once again the Americans felt the sting of inexperience in the face of a highly skilled opponents from Paraguay and Argentina.
The first half play by the USA was a step up from last night. Although they lost 13-3 in the first half, they looked appreciably better. They were thwarted on many occasions by superior goalkeeping, but did get off their share of quality shots. They also moved the ball well around the perimeter. 
"We should not be disappointed with this game. I see this as an investment in our players and the program," said USATH Women´s National Team Head Coach Dede Piankova after this morning´s loss to the Paraguay. 
The second half seemed to be a step back a they were overpowered 18-3.
For the game, the Americans suffered far too many turnovers. Errant passes and solid defense by their opponents undermined their efforts and left them disappoint. 
Piankova said, "The players are very competitive and expect to do well, so they are disappointed. But, they are learning and have come a long way."

Piankova was excited about watching her team return to the sand within just a few hours to face the powerful team from Argentina. She turned out to be somewhat surprised and then unexpectedly impressed. 

Team USA played as the inexperienced club that they are and were trounced in the first half of the game. It was an ugly 20-1 pounding that left everyone wondering whether the Argentines were that good or the Americans were reverting to day one when they looked completely green. 

Then something happened at halftime. 

The WNT actually took a lead for the first time in the tournament. Leading 3-0, the Americans looked like a confident team who believed they could win. In fact, they hung close to Argentina, trailing only by 3 points with 53 seconds to play.

Unfortunately, a foul and a red card sealed their fate. The second half score of 14-9 gave new hope that things are improving rapidly enough for the team to be competitive in the next couple of days.

Still, Team USA will need to show dramatic improvement in their next game, Saturday night, as they tangle with the tournament favorite, mighty Brazil.