USATH Standing Committee Sign Up List

June 13, 2012, 10:30 p.m. (ET)
The wait is over!

As outlined during the 2012 USATH Nationals town hall meeting, we would now like to invite every member of the world team handball community to volunteer in one or more of the following standing committees (names in parenthesis indicate current volunteers):

GOVERNANCE: (T. Ebuwei, David Thompson, Jan O'Shea, Brendan Carr, Dionisia Piankova, Jom Thome Sr.)

FINANCE:  (Heins Kart Pedersen, Marilyn Gauthier, Jan O'Shea, Mike Tilton, Paul Campbell)

PROMOTION/MKTG: (Tom Zelenovic, Diva Desai, Bogdan Pasat, Craig Rot, Jim Sargent)

INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS: (Ralf Uhding, Andre Beliveau, Aida Kulasic, Julio Sainz, Christer Ahl)

NCAA DEVELOPMENT/RECRUITMENT: (Jeff Utz, Jonathan Crosswhite, Andrew Harstead, Julia Taylor, Craig Rot, Brendan Carr, Jim Thome Sr)

BEACH HANDBALL: (Dave Gascon, Dionisia Piankova, Diva Desai, Bogdan Pasat, Erich Weller, Senad Mulabegovic, Trish O'Toole, Tilda Sofia Wiiand, Marilyn Elder)

FUNDRAISING: (David Palmer, Jeff Utz, Craig Rot, Erich Weller, Bogdan Pasat)

EVENT MANAGEMENT: (Dan Wollman, Jan O'Shea, Craig Rot, Mila Manevska, John Ryan)

HPP (High Performance Plan): (Dave Gascon, Mariusz Wartalowicz, John Ryan, Chris Morgan, Brandan Carr)

PIPELINE DEVELOPMENT: (Mika Maunula, Diva Desai, Julio Sainz, John Ryan, Chris Morgan)

To join, please send an email to Committee Volunteer. Please include your contact information and specify the committee (or committees) you would like to volunteer for. We will contact you to confirm your interest and add you to the volunteer list.

Each committee will require a minimum of (5) five members. At that time committees will be required to elect a Committee Chair. Committee work will then commence. If you have any questions, please use the comments box below.

Please check in with USATH for daily updates.