Amir Haskic Departs USATH

June 05, 2012, 12 a.m. (ET)
Amir Haskic Departs USATH

"It is with regret that I announce that Amir Haskic has informed us that he is leaving USATH," announced a disappointed General Manager Dave Gascon. "Amir has indicated he is leaving our management team due to philosophical differences. I will miss him greatly as he brought great energy and enthusiasm to our operation.  He is a good friend and has helped us in many ways. He is a handball 'true believer.' He loves teaching and developing children and youngsters in the sport. In fact, as we move forward, Amir's influence will be etched in our youth development program."
Gascon added, "It was Amir who developed the original concept for the existing USATH with Dieter Esch, the former Chairman of the Board. We owe him a great deal and I am very disappointed to lose him just as we are about to implement many of the suggestions he desired."
Chairman of the Board Jeff Utz was also very disappointed to hear of Haskic's departure. "It is really a sad day for us to lose Amir just as things were picking up speed. The Chief (Gascon) and I have worked hard to create a participative management model with which to redesign the USATH. We have just taken a giant step forward as the Board of Directors has recently approved many recommendations made during the Salt Lake City Strategic Planning Conference. I think we are now on the right track to remake our organization into a healthy and competitive National Governing Body. "
"Amir's loss really hurts as he has so many great ideas to help in youth development. We have big plans and many are based on his input," lamented Utz. Both Utz and Gascon indicated they would welcome Haskic back with open arms should he have a change of heart. "There are potentially thousands of children and young adults who would really benefit from Amir's participation in the youth development program," said Utz. Gascon stated, "We will miss him greatly and wish him well in his future challenges."
It is believed that Haskic is considering a significant professional opportunity.