GM Search Continues, Approaches Final Deadline

June 04, 2012, 12 a.m. (ET)
GM Search Continues, Approaches Final Deadline
Chairman of the Board Jeff Utz announced the search for a General Manager continues with an announced deadline for applications of June 14th. Utz explained the process as follows:
A letter of intent and resume should be sent to Each candidate is reviewed and individually interviewed by search committee members Tomuke Ebuwei, Dan Wollman, Heins Kart Pedersen, and Utz.  The committee collectively screens down the candidate pool, with those passing this process being asked to travel to Salt Lake City where they will be interviewed by Utz, GM David Gascon, and representatives of the USOC. 
There are currently several candidates in various stages of review. It is anticipated that final formal interviews will be conducted the week of June 25th. USATH expects to make a job offer in early July. 

Listed below is the description for General Manager:

                                                              Position Description

Position Title: General Manager, USA Team Handball                       

Reports to: Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of the Board and Board of Directors, USA Team Handball         

Date Revised: May 1, 2012                                         


USA Team Handball is the not-for-profit National Governing Body for the Olympic sport discipline of Team Handball.  This position may report to a Chief Executive Officer if that position is staffed, and to the Chairman of the Board and Board of Directors.  The General Manager (“GM”) is the chief fundraiser and is personally responsible for the solvency of USATH. The GM is responsible for preparing and submitting the annual budget, constant updating and managing the business plan of the organization, provides oversight and management of the administrative functions of the organization, implementation of policies, programs and goals as approved by the Board. The position requires the supervision of administrative employees. 


  • Creation and management of USA Team Handball annual budget and business plan, subject to approval.
  • Hiring of administrative staff.  In conjunction with the CEO and Chairman of the Board, has a vote in the selection of the High Performance Staff.
  • Oversight and management of all sub-organizations including:
    • Sponsorship/Fundraising
    • Grass roots & Elite Athlete Sport Development
    • Special Events including Tournament Production, with the exception of technical issues
    • Marketing & Broadcasting
    • Office Administration
  • Liaison responsibilities, along with the Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, to United States Olympic Committee (USOC), IHF, NCAA, Utah Sports Commission, and selected international and national governing bodies
  • Responsible for representing USA Team Handball to the general public and media.


Term.  A 2-year term of office, serving at the discretion of the Board of Directors, with performance reviewable quarterly during year one.  This Agreement takes effect upon hiring.

Salary & Benefits. GM shall receive an annual base salary of $100,000.00.  GM may choose as an alternative compensation plan that his compensation be $75,000.00 annually plus incentives based on donations, sponsorships, and other revenues generated directly by the GM as follows: 50% of the first $50,000.00 raised during the calendar year, 40% of the next $50,000.00 raised during the calendar year, 30% of the next $100,000.00 raised during the same calendar year, and 20% of all funds raised beyond the first $200,000.00.