London Olympics Handball Day 3

By Bogdan Pasat | July 31, 2012, 3:39 a.m. (ET)

Monday's Match Day 2 games in the women's program yielded a few more surprises.

Denmark's 24:25 loss to S. Korea was not one of them. Considering their Olympic pedigree, the game was simply won by the better team. It is refreshing to see that handball fans are appreciative of Korea's quick and fast style of play. Handball - does not have to be all power and strength.

On the other hand, Brasil's 27:25 win over Montenegro was surprising. Brasil now sits atop Group A, undefeated. You may recall that the PATH representative shocked Croatia two days ago. Next up for Brasil is an easy path to a 3:0 record as they are set to take on hosts Great Britain on Wednesday.

The other semi upset of the day came courtesy of Spain, who tied France. The French ladies were unable to contain their euphoria following their win against Norway on Saturday and if it wasn't for Allison Pineau's late tying goal, Spain could have walked off the court victorious. 

Here are the Women's Match Day 2 results:

Women's Match Day 2 Results

Don't expect any surprises today in the Men's competition.

Men Match Day 2 Schedule

Serbia - Croatia will make for an interesting and lively game and so will Denmark vs. Spain. Beyond that, if the S. Korean men can defeat Hungary - it will make for one heck of a Group B, if it wasn't already.

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