Let the handball games begin

By Bogdan Pasat | July 28, 2012, 9:50 p.m. (ET)

And the race for the Olympic team handball gold is on in London.

The women's brackets headlined the handball action in London today and there were a few surprises.

The shocker of the day's competition came courtesy of France, who - live on NBC!!! - dropped the reigning gold medalists Norway 24:23 in Group B. Don't let anyone tell you that it's just a group stage match. This loss will sting Norway but in no way will it diminish their chance for a repeat. France however, served notice that their European and World Championship form may translate into a medal in London

Representing PATHF and the Americas, the Brasil women surprised Croatia 24:23 in the 1st match of Group A. This is a huge victory for Brasil, considering PATHF representatives have rarely, if ever, fared well against European teams in any tournaments.

Also in Group A, and somewhat of a surprise was Russia's 30:27 hard fought victory over Angola. With a little luck and some tactical savvy - Angola could have pulled quite a result against the Eastern European power house. And for the record, Angola showcased some great handball - a mixture of speed and tenacity rarely seen outside of Europe. Also in Group A, Montenegro (USATH's "Dark Horse" of the women's competition) displaced the hosts, Great Britain 31:19.

In the other games of Group B South Korea defeated Spain 31:27 and Denmark winning a defensive minded game against neighboring Sweden 21:18


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On Sunday, it's the men's turn. 
In the US, MSNBC will air Croatia and South Korea at 6:15 Eastern. The game is pre-recorded.
Here is the lineup of the Sunday's matches. For games and times - please click here

Sunday's games