We want you to play team handball

July 20, 2012, 4:43 a.m. (ET)

Let's face it! Watching team handball on TV is addicting. Once you watch it - you want to play it.
You want to learn and practice it. You want to master it. You may want to coach it. Or officiate it.
It's not too late (or too early) to learn and master the game some labeled "The best American sport Americans don't know about". 
Who knows, you may become our next Olympian.
Would you like to learn more about team handball? Interested in starting your own club? Or becoming a referee?
Contact us today @ playhandball@usateamhandball.org We'll guide to the nearest club and point you in the right direction.
Additionally, current members of the USATH Competition Committee volunteered to answer inquiries about playing handball within their regions during Olympic Games in London.

WestMichael Hinson 949-838-4065
SouthwestMark Telthorster 
MidwestCraig Rot 847-651-0913
Southeast Diva Desai  919-449-7620
NortheastSarah Whitley 
Chair - Mariusz Wartalowicz  630-392-9221

Coaching, refereeing and all others inquiries, please send email to:info@usateamhandball.org  630-392-9221