Making the logo

Feb. 27, 2012, 11:43 p.m. (ET)
The 2012 USA National Championships in Minneapolis, Minnesota are sure to be a special event and a special event deserves a special logo.

So without further adu, here is the logo for the 2012 USA National Championships:

The logo was collaboration of USA Team Handball's Alex Leopold and Minnesota Team Handball's Wilder Freed and Craig Rot.

The logo's design elements have a distinct Minnesota flavor with its maroon and yellow colors paying tribute to the University of Minnesota who has been an gracious host venue for the tournament. The Minneapolis skyline is also front and center with a giant golden handball enveloping the skyline, representing how handball will take the city by storm from May 18-20.

Of course, the logo wasn't perfect from the get-go and took several attempts to get something befitting of the outstanding tournament that lies ahead.

Below is the journey of the logo from a mishapened mess of gradients and design ideas to the distinctly modern, clean, and local flavor of the finalized product.

Comments, questions, or critiques regarding the logo for the 2012 USA National Championships? Email Alex Leopold at or tweet him via @alexhleopold