London Olympics Handball Day 14

By Bogdan Pasat | Aug. 11, 2012, 12:19 a.m. (ET)
It will be defending champ France against three times runners-up Sweden in the men’s 2012 Olympic finals.

Sweden overcame another gutsy Hungarian performance to gain passage to the final game. Fazekas tried his mightiest to stop the Swedes but with Nagy having and off day (no goals on 6 shots), it wasn’t to be.
Down by only one and with less than 90 seconds left in the game, Hungary had a chance to send the game to extra time. But Sweden’s goalie Mattias Andersson had an unbelievable save on a Harsanyi breakthrough, essentially sealing Sweden’s 27:26 win.

France v Croatia
France edged Croatia by 3, 25:22. For all of their combined firepower, the game came down to goalkeeping. France’s Omeyer saved 19 of 41 shots to only 10 of 35 for the Croatian tandem of Losert and Alilovic. France took a commanding 5:1 lead early in the game and never allowed Croatia back in the game. France’s backcourt outscored Croatia’s 11:6 and combined with a 5:2 edge on fast breaks as well allowed France to cruise to a relatively easy win.

Today, Norway takes on Montenegro for the gold. Spain and Korea will play for bronze.