London Olympics Handball Day 5

By Bogdan Pasat | Aug. 02, 2012, 4:26 a.m. (ET)

Brasil and Korea continue their good form.

The women dominated Wednesday’s handball action, a day headlined by the Norway – Korea match. The 27 - 27 tie kept the Koreans undefeated and atop the Group B standings after previously defeating Denmark and Spain. The Korean women have always embodied the Olympic spirit – fighting until the very last second. 

As expected Brasil defeated GB 30 - 17.

Croatia continued to improve their form following a slow start. Wednesday’s 30 - 28 win over Russia, confirms Russia’s slow decline – primarily due to an antiquated coaching system of fear and intimidation.

France defeated Sweden 29 - 17 in a game in which the French ladies showcased their superior individual tactical and technical skills. Krumbolz’s fingerprints were evident in the way France lined up, both on offense and defense. Quick to react instantly to every situation during the flow of the game. Very well prepared, disciplined and with a very simple game, France’s passing game (especially to the pivot) and lightening fast counter attacks were no match for the Swedes. Sweden lacked any tactical plan. They played hard but disorganized. Proof is in the pudding (only 17 goals). Their defense had more holes than a block of Swiss cheese. Johanson’s body posture was indicative of a coach who’s in over his head at this level. He lacked to inspire and failed to lead. Sweden also looked tired, which may have been the reason behind the many individual mistakes and lack of imagination. Sweden had also failed in the 2 and 3 player relational system. But – I may be getting to technical here! 

Spain put a huge damper in Denmark’s chances of qualifying to the quarters – defeating them 24 – 21.

Here are Wednesday’s results: 

Women Match Day 3 Results

And here are the Women Standings after 3 games. Top 4 teams in each group move on to the quarter finals.

Women Standings

Men Match Day 3 is scheduled for Thursday.

Men Match Day 3 Schedule

Keep an eye on the Serbia - Denmark, a rematch of the 2012 Euro Final between 2 teams seemingly going in different directions.
And will Team GB notch its first win against Argentina, or will they have to wait for the Tunisia match? 

Don't forget to tune in to MSNBC - as they will broadcast back to back LIVE matches today.

1:30 PM CENTRAL Serbia - Denmark
4:00 PM CENTRAL Sweden - Island