London Olympics Handball Day 4

By Bogdan Pasat | Aug. 01, 2012, 4:57 a.m. (ET)

As expected - Tuesday’s men’s Match Day 2 featured no surprises. 

Sweden obliterated Team GB 41:19. And while GB never had a chance in this one, their Serbian coach did not help matters. Employing a 3:2:1 defense – which evidently Team GB does not yet know how to play, made Sweden’s victory easier than it should have been. The margin of victory could have easily been 30 or more.

Serbia and Croatia provided one of the best matches of the day. It featured two highly skilled squads. 
Serbia played tough on defense – until they tired. Croatia’s positional offense did not matter for much of the contest. Yet, they took advantage of every Serbian turnover – scoring at will on the counter attack. The 31:23 win by Croatia is not reflective of how close the game was.

France 32:20 win over Argentina exposed the PATH squad’s lack of individual skill and technique. It was a wake up call for a team that defeated the US by 20 goals just a few months ago. France did not push the game. It relied primarily on one-on-one individual matchups which they dominated thoroughly. Argentina was no match for the talented world class French. Daniel Narcisse entertained himself and the fans with an array of individual moves. Omeyer and Karaboue, the French guardians – shut down the anemic Argentine offence. The second half, found all French starters on the bench. 

The top billed match of the day between the Danes and Spain, went down to the wire. 
The contest featured two teams who know each other very well and it came down to a Spain ill advised pass with only 6 seconds left to go in the game. Denmark won because they committed one less error . Both goalkeepers had impressive games.

Here is how the rest of the Men's Match Day 2 played out:

Men's Match Day 2 Results

The ladies are up next. Wednesday's games feature South Korea and Norway - as a possible Final preview, along with France and Sweden. Look for Brasil to go to 3-0 as they face the hosts, Team GB.

Women's Match Day 3 Schedules