Three Initiatives to Advance Handball in USA

May 29, 2009, 8:10 a.m. (ET)

Volunteers Sought To Spearhead Women’s, Grassroots & Competition Development

(Salt Lake City, UT – May 28, 2009) Following up on topics discussed at a town hall meeting held earlier this month in Elgin, IL, USA Team Handball today announced three important initiatives to help the National Governing Body advance the sport in the United States – focusing on women’s development, grassroots participation and the 2009-10 competition calendar.

Women’s Working Group
While the USA is a global leader in women’s team sports development, team handball has not been successful despite numerous federation-sponsored and independent efforts. The USA Team Handball Women’s Working Group is intended to empower a committee of deeply committed individuals to identify and solve unique challenges on and off the court for female handball players in the United States. A minimum of five committee members is sought to bring diverse business and sports experience to the group in order to review, update and ultimately execute USA Team Handball’s High Performance Plan. Nominations are welcome through Friday, June 5, and should be submitted to

Time Commitment: Seasonal, but may range from 5-20+ hours per month
Status: Volunteer position
Budget: Yes, this group is funded by USATH for the advancement of its programs

2009-10 Club Competition Committee (CCC)
The growth of club competition in the United States creates opportunities as well as business and logistical challenges. Chaired by USATH Technical Director Mariusz Wartalowicz, the CCC will examine formats for regular season competition, regional seasons and/or tournaments, and post-season championships in Youth, Open, Elite and Collegiate divisions. One member is sought from each competitive region of the country. Nominations are welcome through Friday, June 5, and should be submitted to

Time Commitment: approximately (1) 90-minute conference call per month
Status: Volunteer position
Budget: No. Club competition is budgeted as a revenue-neutral department.

Handball’s Grassroots Revolution
When USATH President Dieter Esch reiterated his intention to have 100,000 young players participating in handball by 2012, it was a challenge, not an idle comment. Toward that end, USA Team Handball has set a goal of exposing 10,000 children to handball before September 1, 2009 – and the only way we can succeed is with the proactive support and participation of our membership. In the past week alone, there have been three examples of members of our handball community introducing the sport to 200+ children in one session. Who’s got next? From military installations to Boys & Girls Clubs and from parochial middle schools to public festivals, there are countless summer gatherings where a simple 60-minute presentation from USA Team Handball can provide the spark to hook a kid, parent, teacher or volunteer on this incredible sport. Organized by USATH Regional Directors and National Staff, the “Revolution” can provide you with educational materials, video, equipment and leads to offer a demonstration in any corner of the United States. For more information or to register your intent to participate, please e-mail

Time Commitment: Conditional
Status: Volunteer position
Budget: Cash grants, marketing materials and/or equipment may be available on a case-by-case basis

For information about any or all of these initiatives, e-mail and/or monitor progress at