June 07, 2009, 6:46 p.m. (ET)

This will be the last blog from Lübek. The organization and the running of the tournament were incredible. The people behind the scenes were amazing. The hotel and staff were great. I am still relatively new to USA Handball but I think that trips like this are definitely worth the money, the time and the effort. The guys on this trip have grown so much this week and have learned so much about not only handball but about how other countries view the U.S. 
The Ireland team thanked us for the giving them the opportunity to play us.  That blows my mind; they are great guys and fun to be around. They said that playing us was bigger for their program at this point than playing in the tournament itself. It was like we were doing everybody a favor by being here; where for most of us it was a chance of a lifetime. We just finished the banquet, everybody seemed very please at how the tournament went, the fans at the games and the competition between teams.
We finished the trip with two wins, against Ireland and a regional selection team from the area. The Ireland guys are like us I think, mostly new to the game, they are just not as athletic as a team as we are or as big. The selection team was full of the best players from the lower division teams in the area. It was an enjoyable game; everybody had a chance to play in both games.
Preston finally earned a date with his crush from the hotel. She wrote him a nice letter and expects an e-mail from him as soon as he gets home.  We are just relaxing this evening, might play some cards, definitely gonna enjoy the free beer. The Irish folk gave us all t-shirts as gifts, pretty excited about that. Gio informed them he was gonna visit Ireland and search for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Old man Ortega is staying in Germany to try out for a few teams, we wish him the best of luck. 
This trip has been very special for me personally; it was the first time I have ever been out of the country and the first time for playing handball with guys my age and from the U.S.  I was very impressed with Boban, he is knowledgeable and patient, probably the two things we need in a coach at this stage. I learned a lot about handball and enjoyed the chance to play multiple games against varied opponents. 
Jason sends a shout out to family and friends and says he misses TV and road signs with words. I'm about to go work some of these dudes in hearts. Signing off from Germany. FPF Boxes now and forever!