We've Moved

June 06, 2009, 10:24 a.m. (ET)

Welcome to the consolidated www.usateamhandball.org.  

After nearly a year of operating two websites, we've put everything in one place - and we're happy to call the US Olympic Team official home page our one and only destination for US handball news.  Before going too far, let me say I am grateful to my friends at Infinity who helped us launch our web presence on 8/8/08.

Our online store is now operated by Team IP sports, which made its debut last month at the USA Club National Championships.  It features four times as much product - with more on the way.  By the way, every scoresheet from the Club Championships is now online, in addition to full-length videos of both finals

Our online membership registration tool is coming soon.  Meantime, if you would like to join or have any questions, give our office a call during business hours at 801-463-2000.

It's an eventful week in handball.  Our USA Men have received a crash course in international play in northern Germany.  As we expected, our veteran international players (including Adam Elzoghby, Mark Ortega, Ivan Ignjatovic and Gary Hines) have shouldered a massive burden.  Their hard work and positive attitude has rubbed off on players getting their first overseas experience - guys like uber-blogger Jordan Fithian, Carsen Chun and Jason Borchik.  Hopefully the team ends its handball immersion week with a big win over Ireland on Saturday night.

As widely expected, Egypt's Dr. Hassan Moustafa has been re-elected president of IHF by an overwhelming margin.  USA Team Handball Chairman Dieter Esch is in Cairo - and we'll publish his account of the Congress early next week.  Dr. Moustafa is a polemic figure, but no one can argue with the explosive growth of handball in the past eight years - with television exposure, sponsorship revenue and grass roots growth being three leading indicators.  

Enjoy exploring the new site. If you can't find something you enjoyed at the old www.usateamhandball.org, just let us know.  Hard-working Lauren Harrington has been putting in some serious overtime to bring this site up to par and we're glad to address any questions you may have.  As always, our inbox is open 24/7 at info@usateamhandball.org.