Handball Heaven and Ireland

June 06, 2009, 11:24 a.m. (ET)

All the days have run together. I think it is Saturday but I don't really care; I'm in a handball heaven. Training in the morning and playing at night has been great, I think I've learned more this week than I did in the previous 10 months I have been playing. The Bad Schwartau team was very good. We had a stretch in the first half where we played with them. Mark (old man Ortega) was stringing together plays and combos that were freeing up Adam and Gary, it was a lot of fun to watch. Mark said that that is the most fun he's had playing in a long time. 
When given the chance, Gary and Adam finish as well as anybody I have seen, which isn't a lot of people, but the explosiveness on their jump shots and the power behind never gets old to view. Speaking with the other teams after the match, and some fans, they seemed to be impressed with how we played; a lot of them thought the German team was frustrated with the fact that we were able to play with them. I took that as a compliment. 
We had early training this morning but it was still a good session, then our host took us to the shop which outfits his team and we were able to shop around. The owner gave us very good discounts on everything in the store and we took advantage. A few bought shoes and balls amongst a myriad of other items. Lunch was the best it's been all week; the staff at the hotel continues to out do themselves. 
Guys are heading into town now to purchase stuff for family and friends. Last day to get souvenirs and the like as all the stores are closed on Sunday. The boat tour yesterday was great. Hanging out with this group of guys is a lot of fun. We all get along well. The coffee and cake was amazing at the shop we went to after the boat tour. 
Tonight's matchups will be the best of the tournament. Both we and the Irish feel like we are somewhat evenly matched. We expect a good performance from both sides but would love to walk away with the victory. The second game of the evening should a thriller as well; I think Bad Schwartau will outlast Luxembourg, but we shall see. 
Hope all is well in the states. Go MAGIC!