June 03, 2009, 3:05 p.m. (ET)

Today has been yet another good day. We enjoyed two lighter practices, mostly working on passing, plays and combinations. Making sure our bodies are ready for tomorrow's showdown yet also staying in shape and performing our main goal of the trip, which is to get better all around as players and as a team. 
I forgot to mention the other night that we voted on captains for the squad. Herr Mark Ortega is El Capitan Nummer Eins while our goalie Ivan Ignjatovic is second captain. I think we all felt that with Mark's experience and position at center back that he is best suited to lead us. 
We checked out the beach after our second practice today in Trimmerdorfer Strande; beautiful beach but it was cold and misty and there was nobody else there so we didn't stay long. Many attempted to go swimming after this last practice to stretch and work our sore muscles but a bunch of older women were doing water aerobics and wouldn't share the pool. Frustrating. We are preparing to eat what I'm sure will be another feast and then relax for the evening. 
Everybody's health is still good as far as I know. Typical bumps and bruises and sore arms for those of us who aren't used to throwing a handball daily but I think the lighter sessions today will help everybody be ready for tomorrow. 
We just recently purchased playing cards from the hotel so I believe that a few games of pitch or poker are on tap as a night cap. I'm being informed the grub is ready and waiting so I'm outta here.