Zwei Tag/Day 2: Scrimmage against Neustadt

June 02, 2009, 7:33 p.m. (ET)

'Hallo' again from Germany,
U.S.A. 30, Neustadt 20. We played well this eveing and posted our first win together as a team. The game was a lot of fun. The opponents were good guys and the refs didn't give us a home job. Our defense was stellar; we are able to put Thomas Giordano, Jason Borchik and me in the middle of the 6-0, along with Gary Hines, which gives us three guys over 6'4" and a freaky athlete as our front line. I think unofficially we blocked eight shots and altered many more. Offensively, Gary and Adam Elzoghby put on a show; they both scored nine goals apiece, Adam getting most of his on the break and Gary's coming in the halfcourt. They finished up with an alley-oop, Adam to Gary, that got a rousing cheer from the crowd and 'aw' from both benches. Rough count put 50 people in the stands, exciting for most considering none were family members or teams waiting to play after us.

We've got a few kids banged up but nothing serious; everybody made it through the game unscathed. Dinner, yet again, was phenominal; finished it off with ice cream this time which everybody seemed to enjoy. Had a short meeting after dinner to discuss goods and bads of the game, strategy and plans for tomorrow. May have a lighter morning session followed by a more intense session in the evening to prepare for Luxembourg Thursday night. 
My main man O'Reilly, I do believe it is the same hotel for all three teams; this is what I have been told anyway. I hope you have a safe trip and look forward to playing against an Irishman like yourself. The hotel has great grub, a pool and bikes to rent with bells to warn people of your coming. Cheers from Lubek.