Team scrimmages Neustadt, wins 30-20

June 02, 2009, 6:56 p.m. (ET)

Assistant coach Maj. Adam Hodges of Army reported tonight that the team representing America in the Three Nation Tournament scrimmaged local Bundesliga team Neustadt and won, 30-20.

"The team is in great shape to represent American well this week," said Hodges. "They are focused and excited to be playing here. The defense played aggressively and effectively while the offense was smooth and potent tonight. We have a practice day tomorrow and then we'll have some down time to let the guys relax a little before the tournament games start on Thursday."

Adam Elzoghby (Al Ahly of Egypt) and Gary Hines (DJK Waldbuettelbrunn of Germany) were the highest scorers with nine goals each. See statistics from the scrimmage match below:

USA 30, Neustadt 20

Score at Halftime: 14 to 10, USA

Elzoghby: 9 (2 half court, 6 fast break, 1 7M)
Hines: 9 (7 half court, 1 fast break, 1 7M)
Echevarria: 2 (1 half court, 1 fast break)
Ortega: 2 (half court)
Borchik: 2 (fast break)
Fithian: 2 (1 half court, 1 fast break)
McKee: 1 (half court)
Pham: 1 (fast break)
Giordano: 1 (half court)
Delaney: 1 (half court)



30 total points

Half Court Goals: 16

Fast Break Goals: 12

7M Goals: 2


3 Fithian
2 Borchik
1 Hines
1 Elzoghby
1 Harmeling


5 total, 1 each from Chun, Pham, Giordano, Hines, & Fithian

7M Shots:

Elzoghby: 1\2
Hines: 1\1

Turnovers: 9 total

Yellow Cards: 3

2 Minute Penalties: 3


Shots Defended:

24 Ignjatovic
24 Fine

Goals Allowed:

10 Ignjatovic
10 Fine

Shots Stopped:

10 Ignjatovic
9 Fine

7M Defended:

Ignjatovic 3 defended, 3 allowed, 0 stopped

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