Team lands in Germany, scrimmages U17 team

June 01, 2009, 4:03 p.m. (ET)

All 20 members of the USA delegation arrived in Germany without incident, reports coach Boban Zivovic. USA-based players met in Newark Airport Sunday afternoon for the overnight direct flight to Hamburg. Upon landing, getting baggage (including uniforms which met the team via Atlanta) and clearing customs, the team set up camp at the Scandic Hotel in Lubeck.

After a spirited 90-minute practice, the team played a 30-minute scrimmage against a U17 all-star team as a favor to tournament organizer Holger Kretschmer. The USA won the scrimmage by approximately seven goals. The only negative was a collision on defense by Air Force teammates Brian Delaney and Carsen Chun. Both players were treated for cuts but are not expected to miss action this week.