Team lands in Germany: It's the first day of kindergarten all over again

June 01, 2009, 4:30 p.m. (ET)

Today has been a good day. The flight was great, uneventful, the food was decent and the entertainment very good. Peter McKee stomped me in chess and battleship, embarrassing really.

Meeting at the airport yesterday was like the first day of kindergarten all over again with two differences: You sweat more than you did as a five year old and these are not five year olds but elite athletes from across the U.S. It went well however, everybody is excited and easy to get along with. We landed at 7:45 local time, found our host with no problem and hopped on the bus for the trip to the hotel, which is very nice for a European hotel I'm told. My fiance Jen is jealous we get to stay at a nice place. It is very clean, has a pool and steam room and a computer with internet access (this part is key).

We had a meeting at noon that went well then ate lunch at the hotel, which was very good. Most of the guys napped the afternoon away. We went to practice at 5 and after a half hour warm up we scrimmaged a junior team (13 to 17 year olds, I think) that our host coaches. We won easily 16 to 9, but you could tell we were rusty and a little lagged. Myself and another fellow missed about six break away opportunities in the first 5 minutes or so. We than practice for another hour or so afterward, running some easy crosses and inserting a few called plays. We also worked on some defense, namely 6-0 and 3-2-1.

We are back at the hotel now, about to eat dinner here, than I think some of the guys are gonna take a dip in the pool before heading to bed. I hope to be able to get on everyday but we will see. Practice tomorrow morning and then first game tomorrow against a Division 5 team.

Really excited. Gotta run.

Until later,

Jordan Fithian