SE Regional Director introduces Master's Academy students to handball

Jan. 30, 2009, 12 a.m. (ET)
Southeast Regional Director Dominique Dumont led an exciting day at the Master's Academy of Vero Beach, FL, recently, introducing the private school's students to team handball.

"The kids were psyched and welcoming," she said. "Overall, it was so much fun. Everyone at the Master's Academy was so nice and appreciative."

Dumont first did drills with kindergarteners inside, and spent the rest of the day outside in the Florida sun with more than 60 male and female middle school students. At the request of a coach, Dumont showed students the basics as they played on four fields with goals. The mood was energetic; participants ran, played and cheered.

The Master's Academy suggested that Dumont contact its rival school to begin playing after-school matches. USA Team Handball would like to thank the Master's Academy and its students for such a great experience.