Minutes from March 31 Board of Directors Meeting

April 02, 2009, 4:32 p.m. (ET)
Board of Director Meeting Minutes
DATE: March 31, 2009
Board Members Present:
Dieter Esch, Kerry Moller, John West (in person)
Tomuke Ebuwei, Brad Krassner, David Thompson, Ralf Uhding (via phone)
Board Members Absent:
None. Two seats remain vacant.
Also Present:
Steve Pastorino (Secretary), Lauren Harrington (Asst. Secretary)
SnapSports Conference Room, 2330 California Ave., Salt Lake City, UT
· The first meeting of the USA Team Handball Board of Directors (“BOD”) was called to order at 9:10 a.m. With 7 members present, a quorum was achieved. Dieter Esch formally introduced seven board members (Esch, Moller, West, Ebuwei, Krassner, Thompson, Uhding).
· A discussion ensued regarding two vacant seats. One spot has been offered to the VP of a company that is considering a major sponsorship for the next four years. The company is scheduled to meet April 10 and an answer is expected shortly thereafter. Several high-profile candidates for the final spot were discussed, but a formal offer of membership to the BOD has not been made. BOD may host at least one potential BOD member at USA Club Nationals in May and agreed to make best efforts to fill final BOD seats at next board meeting.
· USATH provisional bylaws (submitted to USOC in 2008) and election procedures were discussed. In order to comply with USOC requirement for staggered terms, BOD elected the following board members to serve two-year terms (ending 12/31/10): Kerry Moller, John West and Ralf Uhding. BOD elected Dieter Esch and Brad Krassner to four-year terms (ending 12/31/12). David Thompson reported that he and Tomuke Ebuwei were elected by AAC vote to four-year terms ending 12/31/12.
· Dieter Esch was elected as President for a four-year team ending 12/31/2012 and Brad Krassner was elected Vice President.
· Bylaws were approved unanimously by BOD. A discussion ensued and the Board asked Steve Pastorino to provide further clarification regarding rules for electing future directors and the role of Nominating & Governance Committee in putting forth candidates for future BOD elections. This will be further discussed at next board meeting.
· BOD approved formation of three standing committees (as per bylaws) – Audit & Compensation Committee, Judicial Committee and Nominating & Governance Committee. Tomuke Ebuwei, John West and Kerry Moller were elected to the A&C Committee. A dozen candidates for the other two committees were discussed. BOD agreed to seek out potential candidates and formally elect remaining Committee members at next board meeting.
· A discussion about a Team Handball Athlete Advisory Commission ensued; BOD voted that it is not necessary to seat the Commission at this time.
· A general discussion of budget followed. BOD President Esch reiterated that every dollar must be spent to support grass roots programs and that all Board members were responsible to identify sources of revenue for USA Team Handball. USATH functions leanly with 3 F/T employees in Salt Lake City and 4 F/T employees in IL, FL, TX and CA.
· BOD President Dieter Esch reported –
§ Highly successful meeting with IHF President Dr. Hassan Moustafa in Denver last week, which included high-level talks with groups including London 2012, Chicago 2016, television networks, professional sports leagues and others.
§ Dr. Moustafa will attend USA Club Nationals in Elgin, Illinois in May 2009
§ Discussions ensued about a Handball Development fund for populous nations of India, China and USA
§ USA-Germany Bundesliga partnership has been very favorably received in Europe and USA
§ Mr. Esch will meet with Polish Handball Federation (ZPRP) on April 17 in Warsaw to announce similar partnership. ZPRP expected to provide one referee pair for USA Club Nationals.
· General Manager Steve Pastorino reported –
§ Membership is steadily growing and should exceed 600 individuals and 30 clubs by May 2009 with a goal of 1,000 members by end of year
§ 2009 domestic calendar was discussed including U18, U21 and U23 efforts for both men and women
§ Emphasis is being place on improving quality and quantity of referee pool, in part through National Referee Committee.
§ USOC layoffs included Jay Warwick, a long-time USOC employee and key figure in past five years. Wes Barnett has replaced him. USOC budget cuts do not affect handball funding or programs.
§ IHF Election will take place in June and Dr. Moustafa is widely expected to be re-elected. A discussion about the best interest of USA in reference to the election followed.
§ USA intends to send teams to Germany (U23 Men), Brazil (U18 Male & Female – PATHF championship), Puerto Rico (Senior Men – PATHF Championship D-1 Qualifier) and Costa Rica (U23 Women PATHF Championship). Mr. Esch reiterated that we should only enter teams if our grass roots programs have generated athletes and teams worthy of spending our money on. Pastorino suggested that Men may have to self-fund to D-1 Qualified (to be consistent with Women’s team in 2008). Sponsors are being sought for all trips and age groups.
· There was no further comment from the BOD so the meeting adjourned at 11:15 a.m. The next BOD meeting will take place no later than May 15, 2009 – likely to coincide with USA Club Nationals.