State of New York dominates handball events on East Coast Halloween weekend

Nov. 03, 2008, 12 a.m. (ET)

Team handball events in North Carolina and New York went off without a hitch during the weekend.

The tryouts and tournament at University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill saw more than 20 athletes tested for the men's and women's national teams, as well as two teams from New York victorious on Sunday.

Tryouts included individual physical analysis and scrimmage matches. Testing was provided by the Athletic Performance Center.

New York Team Handball defeated the New England Freeze, 29-19, in the final men's game. NY took the lead in the beginning and maintained the control of the game from the middle to the end of the second half. The New England Freeze beat Atlanta Team Handball in an earlier match, giving the team from Georgia third place overall in the tournament.

Dominique Dumont, southeast regional director, said, "Two steady, strong teams ended up in the final. Both are very well balanced, and both have strong potential to develop."

A highlight of watching New York Team Handball play included the goalie scoring two points from across the court. "That was very fun for the crowd to watch," said Dumont. "The bleachers were mostly full, and the crowd was very enthusiastic about the sport. Many heard about team handball from the Olympics, and were curious to watch matches in person."

For the women, SUNY-Cortland took first place after the weekend tournament, with Army in second and Carolina Team Handball Club in third. Cortland kept a steady lead against the competition throughout its matches.

A coach and referring clinic Friday and a social event at the East End Martini Bar were also focal points of the weekend. On Saturday, more than 70 handballers gathered to socialize and nosh on hors d'oeuvres provided by the East End Martini Bar (visit East End's MySpace page here).

Up north at West Point, Halloween night turned out some intense competition on the team handball court when Army battled a determined Air Force team.

The two teams squared off in front of a crowded Arvin gymnasium. At halftime, Army led by three points. Army pulled ahead in the second half, however, with fast breaks and a high scoring offense. Army defeated Air Force, 42-30.