USA Trio Busy at World Junior Women's Championships

July 28, 2008, 2:22 p.m. (ET)
Two of America's top referees, Monika Nowak and Malgorzata Golus-Szubelak, called three matches in the first round of the 16th Women's Junior World Championships in Macedonia last week. The duo worked Group B featuring Denmark, Montenegro, Angola, Japan and Kazakhstan. All the games took place in the SRC April 26 Stadium in Geveglija - a town about three miles from Greece.

Former Executive Director of USA Team Handball, Mike Cavanaugh, is on hand and provided the updates to USA Team Handball. Cavanaugh served as the Technical Delegate for at least one match every day and had the chance to watch Monika and Gosia in action.

Twelve teams advanced to towards the medal round, with the remaining eight playing for positions 13-20. From the Pan American region, Argentina and Brazil both advanced and are paired together with Spain, Croatia, France and South Korea in the group based in Ohrid. The group based in Skopje includes Hungary, Angola, Romania, Denmark, Germany and Montenegro.