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The World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) has mandated that participants, Athletes and Officials, acquire a WTF Global License to register for WTF sanctioned Tournaments as of Jan. 1, 2014. Participants must present proof of an approved WTF Global License in order to participate at any WTF sanctioned event.

To register for a WTF Global License, please click HERE.

Who needs a WTF Global License?

All Kyorugi and Poomsae Athletes of all ages

All Team Officials: Coaches, Managers, Medical

Athletes and Officials participating in WTF promoted Championships, WTF Ranking Point Tournaments, and Continental Union recognized Tournaments are required to obtain a WTF Global License. 

***Referees are not required to obtain a Global License***

When should I apply/renew?

Apply/renew a minimum of 1 month prior to the start of the competition you are planning to attend.

What documentation do I need to provide for my Global License?

  1. A color passport style ID picture.
  2. Valid copy of a current U.S. Passport. If a member is not in possession of a Passport, the member can upload a Birth Certificate, Driver’s License or Green Card under National ID. 
  3. Proof of black belt- The WTF will accept either a USAT or Club certificate or Kukkiwon certificate. (Please note that Kukkiwon Certificates are NOT required as proof of black belt certification)  
    ***Kukkiwon or Black Belt Certificate is not required for Global Officials***
  4. Submit payment
  5. Member must have current USAT membership.  (Global Officials are required to complete the Background check through USAT)

***Athletes are only required to provide a Kukkiwon certificate and a current passport if they have made the USA Taekwondo National Team***

***Members who have used the self-registration process but cannot met the requirements listed above  will incur a $15.00 processing fee if requesting a refund.  Refunds may take up to 7-10 business days. No other types of refunds will be given.***

Where can I apply for a GAL/GOL?

All applications are now completed on-line by the individual and processed electronically. To complete your application simply CLICK HERE and complete the online registration process.  Please note, you must choose U.S.A. - USA Taekwondo, Inc. in the drop-down and click the "Sign Up Now" button in order to register.

I'm having trouble uploading pictures, what do I do?

Headshot photo:

  • The photograph must be a passport-style headshot of the member, suitable for use on the WTF GMS card. The photograph must be in color.
  • The photo should be neatly cropped, no exceeding borders.
  • The image MUST be 236x295 in size. (check photo properties by right clicking on photo).  Please follow this step by step instruction, it will allow you to upload a photo in the correct format:

    1. Open the photo you want to use in the the application "Paint" on your computer
    2. In the application "Paint" press the "resize" button (located under the "crop" button")
    3. Click "Pixels"
    4. Unclick "maintain aspect ratio"
    5. Under Pixels, enter horizontal: 236 and vertical: 295
    6. The image must be vertical
    7. The image file must be saved in an individual JPG format and uploaded 
Kukkiwon certificate/card or Black Belt certificate

  • A member can supply a club or USAT Black Belt Certificate but this must be uploaded under the "Black Belt Certificate" field under Additional Documents (shown below).
Black Belt Cert-GAL
  • A Kukkiwon certificate or card can be uploaded under the "Kukkiwon (Dan/Poom)". 


  • Passport must be current at the time of the WTF sanctioned event
  • The name on the passport must match the name on the Global License Account
  • Expiration date must be entered in the format DD/MM/YYYY

National ID

  • The WTF will accept a copy of a Birth Certificate, Driver's License or Green Card if the member does not have a passport
  • National ID Number and member nation is required.  If the document does not have a specific ID number, please use an type of identification number listed on the document. 
  • Start and expiration dates are not required for National ID's

Having Difficulties?

If you are having difficulties please download illustrated, step-by-step instructions by clicking THIS LINK.

Why is my status listed as unapproved?

First, please verify that all required documentation has been approved.  If all documentation has been approved, you are seeing this status because your card has yet to be shipped. If your card status reads "Approved to Print", then you do not need to provide any further documentation and will receive your card in 6-12 weeks.  If you are attending a WTF sanctioned event before you will receive your card, please follow the instructions listed below.  

When should I expect to receive my card?

It will take approximately 6 – 12 weeks (depending on the time of year) to receive your GAL/GOL card.  If you are planning to attend a WTF sanctioned event and will not receive your Global License card on time, follow the instructions below to print out confirmation of GAL/GOL.

  1. After final approval, an email will be sent to the address supplied on the application.  Use the log-in information to Log-in to the WTF Hangastar system.
  2. Once you are logged on, click on “Registration Status”
  3. Click “Confirmation Page”
  4. Print this Global License confirmation for your records

The document that prints will provide proof of Global License to any international organizing committee.

Have questions or concerns?

Contact or Sarah Randall at 719-866-3628