USAT announces Olympic ranking-based funding

March 14, 2014, 7:20 p.m. (ET)

As the 2016 Olympic Games draw near, USA Taekwondo and the U.S. Olympic Committee have their sights set on assisting the top level athletes in their quest for a berth on the 2016 Olympic Team. With the new WTF International Olympic Ranking System, earning Olympic ranking points is extremely important in reaching this goal. Therefore, USA Taekwondo, with the USOC, announces funding for elite-level athletes and their coaches focused on obtaining International Olympic Ranking Points.

In support of USAT athletes and their coaches, USA Taekwondo is offering athletes that maintain an International Olympic Ranking in the top 25 based off each WTF monthly update reimbursement of expenses for air travel, hotel and meals to any "G" ranked event that they compete in, up to $1,500 maximum per event. Per individual athlete, $4,500 will be the maximum total reimbursement for 2014. These funds are for reimbursement of expenses incurred, upon submission of receipts for airfare, hotels and meals only.

USAT recommends that athletes give priority to entering at least one G-2 event in an effort to maximize points earned.

To assist coaches with their expenses as they help their elite athletes ranked in the top 25 in the International Olympic Ranking, USAT, along with the USOC, will provide funding of up to $1,250 per event. This assistance will be used to help fund coaches that sit in the chair for U,S, athletes that are ranked in the top 25 International Olympic Ranking at a “G” ranked events. This funding does not cover trainers, psychologists, nutritionists or massage therapists and will be used until the budgeted amount is exhausted. This money is to be used for airfare, hotels and meals only and is reimbursable with submission of receipts. Athletes must submit the name of one “coach of record” for approval before the competition.

If you are an athlete who is ranked in the top 25 International Olympic Ranking or close to the top 25, please contact High Performance Director Patrick Wentland for details at

New ranking list will be reviewed each month when the WTF posts the new monthly list.