Update from USAT CEO on ASPIRE Camp Series

March 05, 2014, 9:11 a.m. (ET)

Last month, USA Taekwondo announced the ASPIRE Camp Series, an initiative to help to fund our Junior National Team athletes to the Junior World Taekwondo Championships, and also to help to fund our Cadet National Team to the Cadet World Championships. National Team Coach Patrice Remarck is undertaking the conduct of the ASPIRE Training Camps that are open to any USA Taekwondo athlete. These camps will provide training opportunities with our National Team Coach and are designed to help to improve the competitive sparring skills of all participants. Coach Remarck is a highly skilled coach and is recognized worldwide for his knowledge of the current taekwondo competition scene and is well versed in imparting knowledge on how to win today’s game of taekwondo.

USA Taekwondo is able to fund 75 percent of the costs of getting our Junior National Team members to Chinese Taipei for the World Junior Taekwondo Championships. USA Taekwondo is also able to fund 25 percent of the costs for the Cadet National Team to travel to Azerbaijan for the Cadet World Championships. The costs mentioned are for airfare, hotel and meals for each of the national teams.

Because our organization is unable, at this time, to fully fund the Junior and Cadet National Teams, Coach Remarck came up with the idea of conducting training camps that will not only raise funds to support those two teams, but also to allow athletes to train with our National Team Coach and to learn how to improve their sparring competition skills.

The funds raised by these ASPIRE Camps will be used exclusively to support the Junior and Cadet National Teams to their respective international championships. If any excess funds are collected, they will be used for next year’s championships. As such, an ASPIRE accounting fund has been set up at USA Taekwondo so that all funds received from the ASPIRE Camps will be easily recorded and used for the support of the Junior National Team and the Cadet National Team to participate in their World Championships. A full accounting of the income and expenditures from the ASPIRE Camps will be readily available to our membership.

We appreciate the efforts of Coach Remarck and those Club Owners who are providing sponsorship of the ASPIRE Camps at their Dojang so that we may better support our taekwondo athletes. Please participate and help this very worthwhile cause.

Bruce Harris
CEO, USA Taekwondo