USAT now accepting applications for Assistant Coaching Pool

March 05, 2014, 5:21 p.m. (ET)

Dear Coaches,

We are asking to all interested coaches (no exception) to apply for the Assistant Coach position with the deadline of 12 a.m. MDT on March 17, 2014.  Until now, the national coaching staff selection was done on a per event basis while we were formulating a total solution with a more inclusive coaching model. 

The new program focuses on the development of our coaching pipeline as described in our Coaching Identification and Development Program (CIDP) initiative by integrating World Class, High Performance and Development coaches.  Our intention is to provide to all eligible coaches, with different levels of experience and certification, the opportunity to be included in the selection pool.

We will consider both Level 1 and 2 certified coaches to populate our coaching pool. We aim to create a strong and diverse coaching staff to advance our coaching pipeline and to support our athletes.


Interested candidates please submit:

1) Resume with relevant experience (including USAT coaching certification level)
2) Compilation of pertinent competition results since 2012
3) Coaching Philosophy (500 word limit)
4) Indicate preferred coaching role

In our process we will consider 24-28 Coaches (four possible overlapping positions) to constitute our coaching pool. Coaches will be selected based on the classification scheme explained in our CIDP Coaching Model delineating World Class, High Performance and Development levels. Apprentice coaches and Project coaches

  • World Class Coaches
  • High Performance Coaches
  • Development Coaches
  • Apprentice Coaches
  • Project Coaches

*All Coaches will be evaluated annually by the High Performance Team based on team cohesion, synergy, coaching performance and merit.

The Coaching Staff will consist of:

Two-year term: All coaches may be on the coaching staff for two years with an evaluation at the end of each year to determine continuation in the program. All two-year term coaches will undergo a one-year probationary period and can be eliminated if not meeting all requirements. Term Duration extends to 2016 starting after reconfirmation in 2015. We are looking to maintain a strong coaching core through the Olympic cycle to insure full development and continuity of the programs and to help advance international ranking and our quest for Olympic Medals; we aim to maintain our best coaches for a cycle of two (2) years, pending the above noted performance evaluations.


  • Apprentice Coaches: current term ends Dec. 31, 2014. They are former, retired athletes who participated in world class or high-performance competition(s) with the desire to convert to be a coach. The term of service is one (1) year, with the ability for position renewal based on performance.

  • Performance Optimization Coach (PO-Coach) – Assist the National Team Head coach in improving the capabilities of Team USA by maximizing performance attributes within Sports Science, Nutrition, Technology, Sport Specific Techniques and Psychology. Expertise is the main requirement.

  • Video Analysis Coach (VA-Coach) – Assist with organization and analysis of the video library by providing statistics and intelligence to Team USA. Assist the National Team Head Coach with post-game analysis and video library organization.

  • Identification and Development Coach (ID-Coach) – Assist The National Team Head Coach as requested and Identify talents during events.

The Project Coaches will perform roles and functions as designated by the National Team Head Coach and the High Performance division that will enhance our athletes’ performance and improve coaching development in the US. The term of service is two (2) years. This current term will be until Dec. 31, 2015.


After the position closing date, we will review all the applications and match the best candidates with the requirements or each position. Each selected coach will be reviewed on an annual basis. All two-year term coaches will undergo a probationary period (ending Dec. 31, 2014) to ensure that they fit and operate constructively within our coaching structure.

At the onset of each year (Jan. 1), we will reopen the coaching pool by permitting interested coaches to apply. Priority may be given to last year’s former coaches. They will then be reevaluated to determine weather they will continue in the coach’s pool for another year. Our goal is to create a cohesive staff by expecting accountability and conformance to USAT policies.  We want to ensure that all coaches fit and operate constructively within our staff structure.


1) Team Cohesion and Synergy: 

Coaches will be considered based on their collaborative skills and their concept-value of the promotion of Team USA transcending any personal affiliation or interest. While we understand individuality at the national and school levels, we strongly advocate for a cohesive and synergistic approach where all coaches perform as a united front for the benefit of all our athletes, our organization and the USA. We will strongly favor the composition of staff members who enhance our National Team’s cohesion under the leadership of the National Head Coach.

2) Experience and Qualification:

Coaches may be considered based on their experience and the added value they can provide to the coaching staff. We want coaches with proven methodologies and expertise that enhance the performance and the success of Team USA.

3) Merit-Based:

We will assess coaches based on work ethic, accountability and performance; senior division followed by junior division followed by cadets. The order of precedence for the listed events is as follows:

  • Producing World Class Medalist(s) (Olympic and World) from 2012 to present
  • Producing High Performance Medalist(s) from 2012 to present
  • Producing Senior and Junior National Team Member(s) from 2012 to present
  • Producing Senior and Junior National B-Team member(s) from 2012 to present

4) Good Standing Status:

Every applicant has to conform to the following:

  • Pass a background check based on USOC Safe Sport Initiative
  • No Code of Conduct violations within the past three years
  • No Code of Ethics within the past three years

To insure that you are in conformity with our Code of Ethics, please contact our CEO or Ethics Chair for clarity if you feel you have an ambiguous situation.

We would like to thank every coach for taking the time to apply for the National Assistant Coach position. It is our intention to integrate the vision of the Head Coach, strongly emphasizing the creation of a synergetic team-model and of a coaching pipeline that can provide increased opportunities for all levels of coaches. All applications will be reviewed in a fair and objective manner based on the above criteria. 

Patrice Remarck-

Thank you,
Patrice Remarck
National Head Coach, USA TAEKWONDO