Registration Information for the 2014 National Championships

June 30, 2014, 10:41 p.m. (ET)


For Confirmed Athletes & Coaches:

Room 210F, located on the second floor of the San Jose Convention Center.

  • All participants must provide a valid ID to pick-up credential and to weigh-in. There will be no exception to this policy. Valid ID is the following: School ID, State Issued ID, GAL or Passport.
    • If the athlete is a minor and does not have a valid ID then parent/legal guardian must provide a copy of birth certificate.


For Pending Athletes & Coaches:

Room 210E, located on the second floor of the San Jose Convention Center.

  • Pending Athletes:
    • Prior to Nationals, log into Hangastar and check your status and checklist.
      • If you are missing Black Belt Certification, please bring a copy of your Black Belt Certificate or Kukkiwon Certificate/Card.  If you cannot provide proof of Black Belt certification, the athletes coach can sign a Black Belt Waiver.  This waiver must be signed before the athlete can receive their credential.
      • If a Personal Photo has not been uploaded, the athlete will be given a credential but a headshot photo must be uploaded through Hangastar as soon as possible.
      • Proof of Citizenship- Passport or Birth Certificate
      • Proof of Residency- Passport, Birth Certificate, Driver’s License, Report Card.
      • Payment- USAT accepts cash, credit card (Visa, MasterCard, and Discover), money order/cashier’s check.  No personal checks will be accepted.

***ALL ATHLETES- To change weight divisions; go to your respective registration room.   Any weight changes at the event will incur a $50.00 administrative fee.  World Class Athletes cannot make any weight changes, no exceptions.

***SPARRING ATHLETES- Must weigh-in the day before competition.

***POOMSAE ATHLETES- Must check-in the day before competition.


  • Pending Coaches:
      • Be a current USAT Member in good standing
      • Have CLEARED the required background check through Verified Volunteers
      • Have PASSED the Associate Coach Quiz in any year between 2009-2014 with a grade of 70% or higher
      • Have COMPLETED the Coaches Edge Seminar
      • Have uploaded a headshot photo into Hangstar
      • Must have paid registration fees, including any applicable late fees
    • Additionally, coaches in all World-Class divisions MUST have at least a Level 1 Certification through the USA Taekwondo CIDP program
  • If you have not met the Coaches Edge Requirement:
    • Please register at the door. The registration fee is $50. Please arrive before 6:30pm to register.
  • If you have not met the Level 1 Requirement (World-Class coaches only):
    • Please register at the door. The registration fee is $300. Please arrive before 9:30am to register.
  • If you have not met the photo requirement:
    • Please go to the Coaches-Pending registration desk to take a photo for your credential.
  • If you have not paid the registration fees:
    • Please go to the Coaches-Pending desk to pay your registration fees, including any applicable late fees.

USA Taekwondo will allow coach registrations at-the-door.

All coaches who wish to register at the door must meet the requirements above. The Associate Coach Quiz, Coaches Edge, and the Level 1 Seminar may be completed on-site. The background check MUST BE COMPLETED ONLINE THROUGH HANGASTAR. All coaches MUST CLEAR the background check before they can take any of the above courses. Any coach who has not met ALL of the above requirements will not be allowed a coach pass to the event and will need to find a qualified coach for their athletes.