U.S. closes out with 11 medals at Cali, Colombia International Open

April 04, 2014, 11:27 a.m. (ET)

Julio Quintallia (male fin) earned gold and Ceana Rodriguez (female feather) took silver on the final day of competition at the Cali, Colombia International Open on April 5, rounding out the U.S. medal count at 11: two gold, two silver and seven bronze.

Day 2 U.S. finishes:
Julio Quintallia: male fin GOLD (def. Colombia)
Ceana Rodriguez: female feather SILVER (lost to Colombia)

Gold Medalist quotes:
Julio Quintanilla
“Sometime we get opportunities that may not be the best but you have to take advantage of it to make it the best you can. You can learn from everything you do and accomplish and keep improving.”

Taylor Macleod
“To get an opportunity like this is just crazy. Even with your wins and losses, it gets you stronger. All of us competing at a senior level was a great learning opportunity without all the pressure.”

Following an off day April 6, the U.S. team will partake in a three-day exchange camp April 7-9 that will consist of morning and afternoon sessions where athletes will have the opportunity to train with fellow Cali, Colombia Open competitors from around the world.
Note: Due to smaller than expected brackets, the Cali, Colombia International Open competition schedule was altered to include quarterfinal and semifinal rounds on Day 1 of competition. Further, the all-U.S. female fly final of Taylor Macleod and Madison Giddens was also fought on Day 1. Competition concludes April 5 with the remaining finals matches.

One gold, one silver and seven bronze medals highlighted Day 1 for U.S. athletes at the Cali, Colombia International Open April 4. Taylor Macleod defeated Madison Giddens in the female fly weight final, while Brandon Fordiani (male feather), Miraiam Galecki (female bantam), Blayne Haderman (male middle), Jessica Junio (female fin), Sohwon Kim (male bantam), Claudia Navarrete (female fin) and Niklas Poland (male light) captured bronze. Rounding out competition for the U.S. on April 5, Julio Quintallia (male fin) and Ceana Rodriguez (female feather) will compete in their respective division finals.

Day 1 U.S. finishes:
Taylor Macleod: female fly GOLD (def. Giddens, USA)
Madison Giddens: female fly SILVER (lost to Macleod, USA)
Brandon Fordiani: male feather BRONZE (lost to Colombia)
Miraiam Galecki: female bantam BRONZE (lost to Colombia)
Blayne Haderman: male middle BRONZE (lost to Ghana)
Jessica Junio: female fin BRONZE (lost to Colombia)
Sohwon Kim: male bantam BRONZE (lost to Colombia)
Claudia Navarrete: female fin BRONZE (lost to Chile)
Niklas Poland: male light BRONZE (lost to Colombia)
Julio Quintallia: male fin FINALS 4/5/14 (def. Canada)
Ceana Rodriguez: female feather FINALS 4/5/14 (def. Colombia)
Ken Jin: male fly Quarterfinal (lost to Colombia)
David Kim: male fin Quarterfinal (lost to Canada)
Siwon Kim: male fly Quarters (lost to Colombia)
Alexandru Felea: male bantam 1st Round (lost to Colombia)
Logan Gerick: male fin 1st Round (lost to Colombia)
Eremes Jimenez: male fly 1st Round (lost to Colombia)
Nicholas Jones: male fin 1st Round (lost to Colombia) 
Angela Neeley: female bantam 1st round (lost to Colombia)
Alexa Prim: female bantam 1st Round (lost to Colombia)
Connor Giddens: EXHIBITION 4/5/14 (TBD)
Twenty-one Senior and Junior athletes will compete at the Cali, Colombia International Open April 4-5 and partake in the corresponding international exchange camp April 7-9 in Cali, Colombia. The two-day competition will feature preliminary rounds for all weight divisions on April 4 and quarterfinals, semifinals and finals for all divisions on April 5.

The three-day exchange camp will consist of morning and afternoon sessions where U.S. athletes will have the opportunity to train with fellow Cali, Colombia Open competitors from around the world.

U.S. female athletes
Miriam Galecki
Madison Giddens
Jessica Junio
Taylor Macleod
Claudia Naverrete
Angela Neeley
Alexa Prim
Ceana Rodriguez

U.S. male athletes
Alexandru Felea
Joseph Fordiani
Logan Gerick
Connor Giddens
Blayne Haderman
Ermes Jimenez
Ken Jin
Nicolas Jones
David Kim
Siwon Kim
Sohwon Kim
Niklas Poland
Julio Quintanilla

U.S. support staff
Patrice Remarck, Coach
Alvaro Mendez, Coach
Nia Abdallah, Coach
Casey Miller, Team Manager
William Ramsey II, Doctor
Johnanna Sullivan, Trainer/Doctor
Dawn Petska, Chaperone
Earl Giddens, Chaperone

Please stay tuned to the USA Taekwondo website for updates and results following competition.