Letter from CEO Harris regarding World Cup Team selection error

Oct. 31, 2013, 7:19 p.m. (ET)

USA Taekwondo has rescinded the previously posted World Cup Team Selections from its website due to a clerical error at the National Office. As is well known, USA Taekwondo has had several staff changes recently, and new staff personnel are still learning the day to day office responsibilities attendant to their jobs. Several athletes applied for World Cup Team consideration via fax in a timely manner and, therefore, should have been considered in the selection process. Fax applications that arrive at our National Office do not go to a dedicated fax machine that automatically prints out documents. Instead, they go into a computer file that must be downloaded daily, printed and sorted by a staff member. This duty was not communicated properly or sufficiently, an error for which I take full responsibility. The athlete applications were discovered minutes ago and are the reason that we have pulled down the earlier announcement regarding team composition. Coach Remark is reevaluating all of the applicants once again, to include those applications that were just discovered. We will have a new announcement regarding the World Cup Team before close of business on Friday, Nov. 1, 2013.

This course of action is chosen so that we can allow for a fair and transparent selection process that includes all athletes who applied on time. They were not at fault. Again, I take full responsibility for the error that occurred with my staff, and I apologize to our membership for not having been more thorough in overseeing this process. That will not happen again.

Finally, my apologies to all athletes affected by this staff oversight. I beg your understanding as we remedy this situation so that no athlete's right to compete is abridged because of this mistake. The posted selection criteria will be followed once again in coming up with the World Cup Team Selection that will be published tomorrow on our USA Taekwondo website.

Bruce Harris
CEO, USA Taekwondo