From Russia with Silver

Oct. 24, 2013, 3:38 p.m. (ET)

Just hours after winning silver at the 2013 SportAccord World Combat Games in St. Petersburg, Russia, USA Taekwondo caught up with the five U.S. athletes and coaching staff. Here is what they had to say:

T.J. Curry
“I’m very grateful for the opportunity to represent Team USA in an event like the SportAccord [World] Combat Games. We got to fight a lot of different athletes and it was a great learning lesson for me.”

James Howe
“It’s an amazing feeling. We had a tough first fight against Iran, persevered, got all the way back to finals and had a good fight with them. I’m proud of the team; everybody did their part. It was a big team effort. The silver medal is huge for the United States and I’m proud of everybody.”

Steven Lin
“I’m just very thankful and blessed to be given this opportunity to be in the SportAccord [World Combat] Games with this amazing team. Every fight we adapted, every fight we got better. We just have so much potential to make a mark for the U.S.”

Nir Moriah
“It was a great honor to be on this team. It felt great, obviously, winning a silver medal and, more importantly, the team performed really well together and as individuals.”  

Phillip Yun
“I feel that this was a great learning experience—we got to fight so many countries and so many different fighters, and I feel like I had such an exponential growth as an athlete just from this event. I am very grateful for the experience.”

Head Coach Patrice Remarck
“I am very pleased with our result; the team did very well. I was very pleased because every single match we were improving. It was an excellent, fantastic performance—we beat Korea, we beat Russia and when we faced Iran (for a second time), we closed the gap by 20 points. I congratulate the team. It was a united team with everybody working together: Coach Brian Singer, my assistant coach, was doing a fantastic job, the doctor [Sherri LaShomb], the president [CEO Bruce Harris], everybody; this was a true team effort.”

Assistant Coach and Team Manager Brian Singer
“Coach Patrice [Remarck] did an amazing job of getting all the athletes together and adjusting to the different format of fighting. Master [Bruce] Harris was always at the side of the athletes, shaking their hands and saying, ‘Good job,’ and, ‘Keep working hard.’ The kids got smarter and smarter as the tournament developed.”

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