USOC report on USAT status

March 27, 2013, 6:22 p.m. (ET)

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.— The USOC Hearing Panel just made known its findings regarding the status of USA Taekwondo's Probationary Period. They have extended the Probation to allow for several concerns of theirs to be addressed once and for all. All was not doom and gloom, however. The USOC Hearing Panel is encouraged by the steps that are being taken to fully rectify issues and concerns of theirs. As the Interim CEO of USA Taekwondo I pledged to them, as I pledge to our membership, that I will make sure that all deficiencies that were noted by the Hearing Panel are corrected, properly and with finality so that our organization can move forward in a very professional manner befitting of organizations with National Governing Body status. I will make every effort to achieve success in this endeavor, even as we begin the process of preparing our athletes for competitive excellence in Mexico at this year's World Championships. I clearly understand the concerns that were articulated to me and there is no doubt in mind about the seriousness of the USOC for us to remedy those concerns. As always, our athletes must come first. And, to that end, pending phone conversations with all National Team Coach finalists, I will be announcing the person that I have selected to serve as the USA Taekwondo National Team Coach later this afternoon.

To recap, for now, our organization is still on probation with USOC. There are still areas of deficiency that must be corrected or we will, in no uncertain terms, be decertified. I extend my promise to you, our membership, to do everything possible to prevent that from happening to our organization. I need the support of our membership as we face the challenges that lie before us in making our organization all that it should be as an NGB. Thank you to those who continue to support our efforts. And, to those who are still watching and waiting, I would only ask that you join us, renew your membership, and help us to develop into the best Taekwondo organization the world has ever known.

~Bruce Harris