2013 National Championships conclude in Chicago

July 09, 2013, 1:48 a.m. (ET)

The six-day 2013 USAT National Championships came to a close on July 8 at Chicago’s McCormick Place. Among the week’s winners were the Junior and Cadet World Class black belt winners, which respectively made up the 2013 Junior and Cadet National Teams. In all, more than 1300 medals were awarded to the 4,193-athlete field, which was the largest in USA Taekwondo history.

“This week clearly demonstrated the positive direction in which this sport is moving,” said USAT Interim CEO Bruce Harris. “A big thank you goes out to all of our athletes, coaches, parents and families for their support, cooperation, sportsmanship and passion. The referees stayed sharp on long days and did an excellent job of keeping the hundreds of matches flowing at a smooth pace. The staff, Tournament Committee and volunteers were tireless, sometimes working 18 hour days to make this event happen. This was a very good week for USA Taekwondo.”

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2013 Junior and Cadet National Teams named
The 2013 U.S. Junior National Team was named on July 6 after 20 competitors won their respective divisions at the USAT National Championships. The Junior National Team members are:

Fin weights Julio Quintanilla and Michelle Gonciarz; fly weights Siwon Kim and Kelsey Junious; bantam weights Charles Buset and Elaine Esparza; feather weights Zachery Budde and Miriam Galecki; light weights Samuel Scott and Fabiola Carrillo; welter weights Dylan Dsa and Cheyenne Lewis; light middle weights Connor Wilson and Deireanne Morales; middle weights Gibran Hays and Kendall Yount; light heavy weights Andrew Snow and Amanda Bluford; and heavy weights Brandon Ivey and Morgan McGarvey.

The 2013 Junior National Team will compete at the Junior Pan American Open in Queretaro, Mexico, Sept. 20-22.

Joining the Junior National Team is the 2013 USAT Cadet National Team, which was named on July 5. The team is made up of:

Fin weights Danny Osafo and Karyl Ventura; fly weights Jakob Mesina and Riley Zuckert; bantam weights Van Mitchel Bactista and Kiana Chai Chong; feather weights Max Kratzer and Claudia Navarrete; light weights Joshua Liu and Alondra Venegas; welter weights Arthur Jackson and Natalie Loureda; light middle weights James Hayhow and Macy McCutcheon; middle weights Samuel Shannon and Anya Sagovnovic; light heavy weights Joseph Rodriguez and Ceana Rodriguez; and heavy weights Jacob Chung and Madelynn Gorman-Shore.

Cheyenne Lewis wins 2013 Chris Canning Award of Excellence
Cheyenne Lewis earned the 2013 Chris Canning Award of Excellence on July 6 for her academic, athletic and philanthropic achievements. This was the ninth annual award, which recognizes taekwondo athletes for achieving greatness not only in the ring but also in the classroom and in their communities. The other three finalists who joined Lewis were Zachery Budde, Logan Gerick and Steven Thompson.

Four for Morgan
Skyler Morgan, 7, of St. Paul, Minn., was the first athlete at the 2013 USAT National Championships to earn four medals. The red belt collected four bronze medals in as many divisions on July 3-4, climbing the medal podium for sparring, Poomsae, board breaking and weapons.

USAT National Championships proves to be newsworthy
USAT National Championship action was covered by television news networks WGN, NBC Chicago and CBS Chicago on July 7. To see the news clips, please click

Picture perfect
The 2013 National Championships competition was captured in photos on the new USAT Instagram at usa_taekwondo.