2013 Junior and Cadet National Teams named at USAT National Championships

July 07, 2013, 1:19 a.m. (ET)

The 2013 U.S. Junior National Team was named on July 6 after 20 competitors won their respective divisions at the USAT National Championships in Chicago, Ill. The Junior National Team members are:

Fin weights Julio Quintanilla and Michelle Gonciarz; fly weights Siwon Kim and Kelsey Junious; bantam weights Charles Buset and Elaine Esparza; feather weights Zachery Budde and Miriam Galecki; light weights Samuel Scott and Fabiola Carrillo; welter weights Dylan Dsa and Cheyenne Lewis; light middle weights Connor Wilson and Deireanne Morales; middle weights Gibran Hays and Kendall Yount; light heavy weights Andrew Snow and Amanda Bluford; and heavy weights Brandon Ivey and Morgan McGarvey.

The 2013 Junior National Team will compete at the Junior Pan American Open in Queretaro, Mexico, Sept. 20-22.

Joining the Junior National Team is the 2013 USAT Cadet National Team, which was named on July 5. The team is made up of:

Fin weights Danny Osafo and Karyl Ventura; fly weights Jakob Mesina and Riley Zuckert; bantam weights Van Mitchel Bactista and Kiana Chai Chong; feather weights Max Kratzer and Claudia Navarrete; light weights Joshua Liu and Alondra Venegas; welter weights Arthur Jackson and Natalie Loureda; light middle weights James Hayhow and Macy McCutcheon; middle weights Samuel Shannon and Anya Sagovnovic; light heavy weights Joseph Rodriguez and Ceana Rodriguez; and heavy weights Jacob Chung and Madelynn Gorman-Shore.

The 2013 USAT National Championships continues in Chicago on July 7 at McCormick Place at 9 a.m. CDT.