Competition concludes for U.S. at 2013 WTF Grand Prix Final

Dec. 10, 2013, 4:19 p.m. (ET)

Cheyenne Lewis reached the Quarterfinal of the women’s -57kg division on the final day of the 2013 WTF Grand Prix Final in Manchester, England, becoming the third American to reach the final-eight of their division to collect much-coveted World Ranking points.

Lewis defeated Radwa Re Abdelkader el Sayed of Egypt, 4-1, in the women’s -57kg First Round, followed by Hatice Yangin of Turkey, 11-7, in the Round of 16. Lewis’ Quarterfinal match with France’s Floriane Liborio went to overtime following a 1-1 regulation score before Lewis lost by decision.

Nicole Palma lost in the women’s -57kg First Round to Egypt’s Hedaya Ahmed Malak Wahba, 16-1 (point gap), while Terrence Jennings fell to Jiannan Huang of China, 7-1, in the men’s -68kg First Round.

Lewis’ Quarterfinal finish matched the results of Steven Lopez (men’s -80kg) and Paige McPherson (women’s -67kg), who had the top American finishes at the 2013 WTF Grand Prix Final.

U.S. finishes (World Ranking points in parenthesis):
Cheyenne Lewis (women’s -57kg): Quarterfinal (17.28 points)
Steven Lopez (men’s -80kg): Quarterfinal (17.28 points)
Paige McPherson (women’s -67kg): Quarterfinal (17.28 points)
Lauren Hamon (women’s +67kg): Round of 16
Stephen Lambdin (men’s +80kg): Round of 16
Charlotte Craig (women’s -49kg): First Round
James Howe (men’s -58kg): First Round
Terrence Jennings (men’s -68kg): First Round
Nicole Palma (women’s -57kg): First Round
Tashi Sherpa (men’s -58kg): First Round

For a complete breakdown of tournament results, please click here.
Day 2 Summary

Olympians Steven Lopez and Paige McPherson reached the Quarterfinals of the men’s -80kg and women’s -67kg divisions, respectively, Saturday at the 2013 WTF Grand Prix Final in Manchester, England. The two U.S. National Team members’ results were the best U.S. finishes at the competition to this point.

McPherson began the competition with a 13-0 point gap victory over Maria Reynolds of Great Britain, which she followed with a 1-0 sudden death overtime win against Nina Klay of Switzerland in the women’s -67kg division Round of 16. McPherson’s day ended following a 6-0 loss to Haby Niare of France in the Quarterfinal.

Lopez defeated Vaughn Scott of New Zealand, 4-1, in the opening round of the men’s -80kg competition, followed by Andrew Dear of Great Britain, 7-3, in the Round of 16. Once trailing, 9-3, in the Quarterfinal, Lopez tied Aaron Cook of the Isle of Man at 11 in the third round before eventually falling, 17-14.

In the men’s -58kg division opening round, James Howe lost to Damian Villa Valadez of Mexico, 9-8, and Tashi Sherpa lost to Mikayil Aliyev of Azerbaijan, 13-1 (point gap).

Competition concludes on Sunday with 2012 Olympic bronze medalist Terrence Jennings (men’s -68kg), Cheyenne Lewis (women’s -57kg) and Nicole Palma (women’s -57kg). Action begins at 10 a.m. local time/5 a.m. EST.
Day 1 Summary:

Lauren Hamon and Stephen Lambdin reached the Round of 16 in the women's +67kg and men's +80kg divisions, respectively, on the first day of the 2013 WTF Grand Prix Final in Manchester, England.

Hamon twice went to overtime, defeating Shuyin Zheng of China by decision after finishing 0-0 in the women's +67kg First Round. She then went on to lose to France's Anne-Caroline by decision following a 3-3 regulation and 0-0 overtime score.

Lambdin advanced to the Round of 16 before falling to China's Zhaoyong Ma, 2-0, in the men's +80kg competition. Lambdin defeated Radik Isaev of Azerbaijan, 4-3, in the First Round.

Charlotte Craig lost to Zhao Yi Li of China, 7-1, in the women's -49kg First Round.

Action continues for Team USA on Saturday, as four Americans take to the mat: 2012 Olympic bronze medalist Paige McPherson (women’s -67kg), four-time Olympian Steven Lopez (men’s -80kg), James Howe (men’s -58kg) and Tashi Sherpa (men’s -58kg).

Day 2 brackets

Competition begins at 9 a.m. local time/4 a.m. EST. Click here to live stream, and stay tuned to for updates, results and schedules.

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Day 2 brackets

Day 3 brackets
The 2013 competition season comes to a close this weekend as 10 U.S. athletes ranked in the top-40 WTF Olympic rankings take to Manchester, England, Dec. 13-15 for the Inaugural WTF Grand Prix Final. Major ranking points are on the line at this G-8 event, as 256 athletes in eight divisions fight to get closer to the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

“Every single division will be tough, but we are confident about our chances,” said U.S. National Team coach Patrice Remarck. “The game will be more strategic and mental, and our approach will be to manage one match at the time, one round at the time. We will fight until the very last second with the simple tactic of not conceding too many points to our opponents while maintaining a minimal lead.“

Representing Team USA are:

Women’s Team (weight, Olympic rank, total points as of November 2013)
Charlotte Craig (-49kg; Olympic rank- 26; 61.53)
Cheyenne Lewis (-57kg; Olympic rank- 23; 66.82)
Nicole Palma (-57 kg; Olympic rank- 38; 49.29)
Paige McPherson (-67kg; Olympic rank- 9; 114.28)
Lauren Hamon (+67kg; Olympic rank- 10; 113.34)

Men’s Team (weight, Olympic rank, total points as of November 2013)
James Howe (-58kg; Olympic rank- 26; 59.50)
Tashi Sherpa (-58kg; Olympic rank- 39; 40.00)
Terrence Jennings (-68kg; Olympic rank- 14; 90.15)
Steven Lopez (-80kg; Olympic rank- 29; 56.48)
Stephen Lambdin (+80kg; Olympic rank- 13; 91.09)

Coaching Staff
Patrice Remarck, Head Coach
Arlene Limas, Coach
Jean Lopez, Coach
Juan Moreno, Coach

Four men’s and four women’s divisions will compete for 80 ranking points at the three-day competition. Athletes in the men’s -58kg, -68kg, -80kg and +80kg, and women’s -49kg, -57kg, -67kg and +67kg divisions will vie for points, which will be awarded to athletes who reach the quarterfinal rounds.

Points breakdown
Gold- 80.00 points
Silver- 48.00 points
Bronze (x2)- 28.80 points
Fifth place (x4)- 17.28 points

The competition for Team USA is evenly spread, with three athletes competing on Friday, four on Saturday and three on Sunday. U.S competition schedule is:

Friday, Dec. 13 (competition begins at 9 a.m. local/4 a.m. EST)
Craig (women’s -49kg)
Hamon (women’s +67kg)
Lambdin (men’s +80kg)

Saturday, Dec. 14 (competition begins at 9 a.m. local/4 a.m. EST)
McPherson (women’s -67kg)
Howe (men’s -58kg)
Sherpa (men’s -58kg)
Lopez (men’s -80kg)

Sunday, Dec. 15 (competition begins at 10 a.m. local/5 a.m. EST)
Lewis (women’s -57kg)
Palma (women’s -57kg)
Jennings (men’s -68kg)

Please stay tuned to for updates, results and schedules.